Andy Hollifield 4-1-17
Job 14:1 Man that is born of woman is of few days, and full of trouble.
Matthew 22:14 For many are called, but few are chosen.
Probably the two most popular verses in scripture pertaining to the word “few”. Neither of which are very encouraging but both are necessary to give heed to. I could have written something about April fool’s day but I figured that would be pretty well covered today by others and besides that, it isn’t too encouraging to get made a fool of. Been there and done that a time or two. Besides that, I have been trying to learn a new song and although I have heard it for years, it is one of them that there was just something about it that I loved the first time I heard it. I heard it on a CD of a youth choir from Knoxville, Tn that one of the drivers that I shared a truck with left for me to listen to. The name of the song is “There’s Been A Few Times” written by Paul Williams. I wore out the track button on that truck stereo just listening over and over to that one song. I will talk more about the song in a minute. Practicing it got me to thinking about the word “few” in the bible. Did you realize that “few” is used 65 times in 62 verses throughout the scriptures. The reason I am even talking about it is becasue we have a tendacy to think that we need everything in abundance. We need the pews full, the offering plates full, our pockets full of money, our choir full, and the fact of the matter is that while there is nothing wrong with that, God quite often accomplished great things by using just a few.
Let’s look at a “few” (pun intended) of the things God did using what we would consider way less than adequate. If you look back to the book of Genesis, God formed the entire creation in just a few days. He originated the nation of Israel by one man’s righteousness and the families of only twelve men. They went into Egypt with only around 70 people but when they left they were around 1.5 million. When they did leave Egypt, God didn’t deliver them with a great army, he used just a few men. To start with it was only Moses and Aaron. By the time they were ready to cross into the promised land he was using Joshua and Caleb. At various times, God delivered David from Saul using a small army of misfits. On over in Judges, we see where he delivered Israel using a farmer and 300 men with pitchers and candles. In 1 Samuel, God delivered Israel’s army from the Phillistines using only a shepherd boy armed with a sling and five smooth stones and he used only 1 of them. In Nehemiah, he rebuilt the city, walls and all, with just a few men in just a few days.
In the New Testament, Jesus once fed a multitude of 4000 men besides women and children, with only seven loaves and a few little fishes. He also later fed five thousand men, with only 5 loaves and 2 fishes. Just as he did in the Old Testament, Jesus used only 12 men to spread the gospel to the entire world. In the book of Mark, God used 4 men to get a crippled man to Jesus. God used about a dozen men plus Paul, to get the church established. In Acts, God used a few prisoners singing to get a jailor and his whole family saved. There have been a lot of times that God has used just a few things to confound the mighty.
This isn’t really what I want to look at. I want to look at a few spiritual times in the bible. Moses is a good place to start. Although Moses led the children of Israel a long time, there were just a few times when he really gave Moses the privilige of the overshadowing of the Holy Ghost. Just a few times when the Spirit engulfed him as he went into the temple. When he had the ability to speak or smite a rock and get water. Just a few times when he would send manna and meat. When he met with God and he had to wear a veil. Only once when he was hid in the cleft of the rock.
That isn’t really even what I want to look at. I like most to think back on a few times when I have really prayed through and began to see God move on something I had been praying for. Just a few times when I was so close to God it seemed I could feel him everywhere all the time. A few times when I have got to sit in heavenly places with him. A few times when nothing worked but prayer to change a situation and it did. Just a few times when I have seen his hand move and answer prayers. There’s been a few times I have got to sit in heavenly places and truly enjoy the grace of God.
Do you know what will encourage you more than if I tell you about the times I have met with the Lord? If you stop and think in your own life when God has made himself real to you in the darkest most impossible situations. When doctors gave no hope and even common sense held no hope but God still came through. Do you remember those times? There’s been a few of them haven’t they? You still scratch your head and wonder? Those times when nothing anyone could say would help you but that still small voice spoke peace to your soul in the midst of your storm. Aren’t you glad that there’s been a few times? Have a blessed day in the Lord!!!

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