Andy Hollifield 5-1-17

Numbers 32:23 …be sure your sin will find you out.

Psalms 19:7 …the testimony of the Lord is sure.

Psalms 111:7 …all his commandments are sure.

Proverbs 11:18 …but to him that soweth righteousness shall be a sure reward.

Isaiah 32:18 …a precious corner stone, a sure foundation.

John 6:69 …we believe and are sure that thou art that Christ.

John 16:30…Now we are sure that thou knowest all things…

2 Timothy 2:19 Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure…

Hebrews 6::19 Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul both sure and steadfast,…

2 Peter 1:10 …give diligence to make your peace calling and election sure…

sure————(1) free from doubt as to the reliability, character, action, etc., of something (2) confident, as of something expected (3) convinced, fully persuaded, or positive (4) assured or certain beyond question (5) worthy of confidence, reliable, stable (6) unfailing; never disappointing expectations (7) unerring; never missing, slipping, etc.

How do you like those definitions? Do they remind you of someone you know? What about number 6? Unfailing and NEVER disappointing expectations. Sounds just like God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost doesn’t? I am so glad that he is sure. When everything around you is in doubt and questionable and full of turmoil, he is still sure. Based on what he has done already in my life, he is definitely worthy of my confidence (5) because he has definitely time and time again proven himself to be reliable and stable. No doubts about his character (1) because I am confident (2) fully persuaded and positive (3) and certain and assured beyond question (4) that “he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day. (2 Timothy 1:12).”

Are you encouraged yet? We ain’t even got started good and this has already got juicy! I like it like that. I just got to thinking about the word “sure” and thought it would be good to do a little word study on. I was wrong; you can’t do a “little” word study on sure. It gets way too big way too fast. As I began to look at this word, I found that it appears 41 times in scripture. The number “forty” in scripture refers to chastisement, probation, and trial. If you look at some of the things and events in scripture associated with it such as the length of wandering by Israel in the wilderness. Also, the length of Moses time on the mountain for the law both times, and also of Jesus during his fast. Actually there are at least eight forty day instances in the bible. Each time you see forty it is in a time of separation and waiting. Don’t sound too encouraging does it? Until you look at what happened immediately after these forty day periods. With the one exception being the return of the Canaan spies after forty days, each individual that endured one of these forty day periods was immediately and personally attended to favorably by either God himself or an angel. That puts a whole new light on it doesn’t it? But trial and chastisement and probation don’t sound real encouraging. Just add one to it. Remember I said “sure” is used forty-one times. One in scripture always stands for unity. It is indivisible by any other number and therefore can stand alone. When you add “one” to the trial, chastisement, and probation, you bring back together those that were going through the forty with the one that put them there. There are actually 13 Hebrew words in the Old Testament and 7 Greek words in the New Testament that are translated to the word “sure”. If you look at all the definitions of those words, they all come back to the same definitions that we listed above plus a few more. To grow strong, to prevail, to be urgent, encourage, make firm, support, to be carried, faithful, to have charge of, to keep, preserve, protect, secure, enduring, and a refuge. When you add all of those to the definitions we have already listed, we certainly have no reason to doubt him.

Just as the attributes of God are sure; his mercy, love, grace, and his foundation, so also is his judgment sure. It is coming. Your sins will find you out and you will answer for them and suffer loss. That is more sure than your next breath. Just as much as his judgments are sure, so is the opportunity to escape it. I am glad that the hope Paul spoke of sure and steadfast, the anchor of our soul, is also sure. Something else that is sure is his promise in John 14 where he said he would come again and receive us unto himself that where he is, we could be also. I believe not only is it sure and certain but also soon. My heavenly home is sure. That is where God has his sure foundations. There used to be a deodorant commercial that said “raise your hand if you’re sure”. I am thankful I can raise my hand because I am sure. Can you? Eternity is sure, can you raise your hand? Have a blessed day in the Lord!!!

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