Andy Hollifield 6-26-17
1 Timothy 6:7 For we brought nothing into this world, and it is CERTAIN we can carry nothing out.
Certain———-(1) free from doubt or reservation; confident; sure (2) Destined; sure to happen (3) inevitable; bound to come (4)established as true or sure; unquestionable; indisputable (5) fixed; agreed upon; settled (6) definite or particular, but not named or specified (7) that may be depended on; trustworthy; unfailing; reliable
“Certain” is a word that is used 196 times in the bible. If I counted correctly, it is used only 60 times in the Old Testament and the remaining 136 in the New Testament. That includes 40 times in the book of Acts and another 50 in the book of Luke. Judging by the book of Acts, I would guess that it must have been one of Paul’s favorite words and with Luke being a physician and very keen on detail and specifics, it is not surprising that he used it so much. When you look at the definitions I included above, and then begin to look at how it is used in scripture, I believe it will be a great blessing to you and add new deeper meaning to the scriptures where it is used.
As you might have guessed if you read my articles fairly often, I really like definitions, word studies, and biblical numerology. It is interesting to me that the first time it is used in the bible is in Genesis 28:11. This is the story of Jacob’s ladder that we all learned about as children in Sunday School. In that verse, it says that Jacob “lighted upon a certain place.” We know by reading the rest of Jacob’s story that this wasn’t just any place but Jacob called it Bethel which means “the house of God.” Here he was, a swindler or supplanter as his name means, fleeing from his brother after cheating his brother out of the blessing that went to the oldest son. He had conspired with his mother and lied to his father, took advantage of his father’s poor eyesight, and yet after all of this, God allowed him to come to Bethel. This was also the place where the Lord told Jacob in chapter 35 that it was time he went back to. On his first night away from home, he had vowed a vow that if God would be with him and bring him home safely again to his family, that he would use the stone which he set for a pillar would be God’s house. When God told him to go home, he told him to go to Bethel and build an altar. That is pretty good evidence that this wasn’t just any place but it was definitely a “certain place.” There are 6 different Greek words for certain and each of them has a definition: to be firmly established, fixed, secure, stable, settled, and prepared. When you read the definitions, you will never just read over the word “certain” again. When you consider the history of the nation of Israel, which was the 12 sons of Jacob and their descendants, it is plain to see that God definitely had everything fixed and prepared and settled for Jacob.
In Exodus 16, God told Moses to have Israel only gather a CERTAIN amount of manna every day. In Numbers 16, CERTAIN men of renown rose up before Moses. In Judges 9, “a CERTAIN woman cast a piece of millstone upon Abimelech’s head, and all to break his skull.” In 2 Kings 4, a CERTAIN woman came to Elisha to get help because her 2 sons were going to be taken by the creditors because of past debts that her and her husband had accumulated before he died. She was obedient and the cruse of oil did not fail until she had no more vessels. She then sold the oil and paid the debt with money to spare. Jerusalem got rebuilt by Nehemiah because he had talked to CERTAIN men of Judah and was told the city was in ruins. In Esther 2, a CERTAIN man named Mordecai entered his cousin Esther in a beauty contest to become the new queen. She won and the king made her his wife and she later had to intercede for the Jews to preserve the entire race from annihilation at the hands of wicked Haman. In Daniel 3, CERTAIN Jews; Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were thrown into the fiery furnace because they would not bow to idols. God delivered them and the king believed on God because of it. In Mark 5, a CERTAIN woman with a blood disease for 12 years came to Jesus, only touching the hem of his garment, and was healed. In Mark 12, a CERTAIN poor widow threw two mites into the collection in the temple and Christ used her offering to teach his disciples a lesson about giving. In Luke 10, Jesus tells the story of a CERTAIN Samaritan who rescued the traveler that had fallen among thieves on the Jericho road. In Luke 11, Jesus was invited to eat at a CERTAIN Pharisees house (a sinner) and he went. In Luke 16, Jesus tells the story of a CERTAIN rich man and a CERTAIN beggar that both died and the beggar was comforted and the rich man was tormented in hell. In John 5, at a CERTAIN season an angel troubled the water and the first person to get in was healed. In John 11, a CERTAIN man named Lazarus of Bethany, a friend of Jesus, got sick and died and Jesus raised him from the grave after he had been dead 4 days. In Acts 8, a CERTAIN eunuch invited Phillip to ride in his chariot and explain the writings of Isaiah to him and he accepted the Lord as his Savior and was baptized. In Acts 10, because a CERTAIN centurion called for Peter to come and preach to him and his friends in Caesarea and because of this man’s faith and prayers, the gospel was brought to the Gentiles. In Acts 20, a CERTAIN young man named Eutycus fell asleep during preaching and fell from the third story window he was sitting in and was taken up dead. Paul revived him and all of them went and ate and then talked till daylight. In 1 Timothy 6, it is CERTAIN we can take nothing with us when we die.
To sum it all up, here comes the encouraging part; If God arranged and fixed and prepared all of these things for all of these people throughout the bible, why would you think he can’t handle your CERTAIN problem? Think about it. None of these instances I have mentioned, took place the way they did by chance. God settled and fixed them a CERTAIN way that pleased him to accomplish his purpose. God is not leaving anything to chance in your life either. He has a plan and a CERTAIN way he is going to move in your life and on your prayer object. He is no respecter of persons according to Roman 2:11. If he did it for those in the bible, he will do it for you. He hasn’t lost any of his power. He can still part your sea and make you to pass through on dry land. Isaiah 40:31, But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength… Just wait upon him. He will fix it and according to Romans 8:28, it is CERTAIN, unquestionable, and indisputable, that it will be for your benefit. Have a blessed day in the Lord!!!

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