Mark 4:39 And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.

I started to title this “Peace Be Still” but then it occurred to me that the great part of this story isn’t just that he spoke but that the winds and sea obeyed. If you back up a few verses to verse 35, you see that Jesus told them before they ever left, where they were going to wind up; the other side. That sounds simple enough but if it is, why don’t we believe it? Just a few things I would like to point out in this that I was blessed by. It’s not that I believe I have any great enlightenment or anything like that, but just that I figure if it blessed me it might bless someone else. In verse 36 there is a couple of things I found interesting. First it says that they took him “even as he was” in the ship. Now I haven’t read any commentaries about the significance of that phrase but I will tell you what I think. First off, I don’t think that God uses scripture just to fill space on a page. It is all his word and if he said it then I believe he has something he wants us to glean out of it. I just like that phrase. It says to me that they took Jesus the same way he takes me and you; even as we are. Just sinners saved by his mercy and grace. If we take Christ, we will have to take him as he is. He does not change for anyone and we can’t make him what we want him to be.

The other thing I liked is in verse 36. It said that “there were also with him other little ships.” I don’t believe that is there to take up space either. When I read that, my mind immediately goes to the storm. Before I forget it there was one thing I wanted to mention. In verse 35 Jesus said before he boarded the ship, “Let us pass over to the other side.” You better believe that if he is the one leading you and he says “go to the other side”; you are going to the other side. If his purpose is for you to get to the other side, no matter what you may encounter after your departure, you will get to the other side. Now back to the “other little ships.” If the big ship Jesus was in was having trouble, you know the little ships had to be struggling just to stay afloat. I believe that sometimes the reason things may come on us is that maybe it is because we are a little older and have a lot more experience. What might make a man with a little age and experience on him seemingly sail through a trial isn’t because anyone is super-spiritual, but is rather because he has had those experiences in other storms before. As for those little ships, I can only imagine the horror and desperation they must have been going through. I would liken it to a new Christian. As he faces his first storm he is likely to get beat up a little but with every storm he gains more confidence in the captain.

Moving on now to verse 37 it says that it wasn’t just any storm but it was a great storm. Jesus’ ship was now full. If his was full, just imagine what the little boats were going through. Mark is very descriptive here and even talks about how the waves beat into the ship. That probably sounds like the storm you’re going through right now. Meanwhile in verse 38, Jesus is off in the back somewhere just sleeping like a baby on a pillow. I’ve sometimes wondered why he wasn’t awake during that time. It’s a pretty simple answer; he already knew he was going to the other side. I believe Jesus kind of let the next question, or accusation as it was, slide because he knew it came from a heart of fear. In verse 39 he spoke those famous words; Peace be still and just like that , just as there had been a great storm, it was followed by a great calm because he was on board and spoke those words.

I have been in that place where I have been afraid in the storm and wondered if he even cared. He knows my heart and he knew then that I was afraid. There is a song that says “sometimes he calms me.” He don’t always speak to the wind and waves but sometimes he speaks those words to my troubled soul. Even when the circumstances haven’t changed he can still speak peace to your soul. With the storm still raging and no end in sight, that doesn’t limit his ability to calm your soul.

Now with all of that said, let me assure you that he cares. No one cares for you like Jesus does. Just because he may not have spoken those words in your life yet, he still knows where you are. He can see through the darkness to rescue you. Just as he did with Peter, he has no intention of letting you go under. If you are operating under the direction of the Holy Ghost, you have still got to get to the other side. Don’t think of quitting just because the storms roll in and the skies around you are dark. Above those clouds, the sun is still shining down on you. Also, the Son is shining down on you. Just hang on; he will eventually calm the storm or calm you, just like that. Have a blessed day in the Lord!!!

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