Eighty Year Old Gossip Sounds Familiar                                                                                   Andy Hollifield 12-11-16

Sometimes early in the morning I will read about this day in history. George Santayana (1863-1952) a Spanish philosopher, is credited with saying in so many words that “those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. It is good to see what practical lessons we can learn from the past and apply them today. I seen a story from 1936 that sounded like another story from long before that I had also heard. The headline in 1936 was “King Edward Abdicates The Throne”. On December 10th, 1936 King Edward VI of England voluntarily gave up the British crown in a radio address to his country. Parliament approved the abdication the next day and it became official. Why would anyone in their right mind do something like that you may ask? Love! King Edward had fallen in love with a married woman named Wallis Warfield Simpson who was living in London with her husband. Mrs. Simpson was in her 2nd marriage after having been divorced from a US Navy pilot. Edward had fallen in love with Mrs. Simpson by 1934 and by 1936 was planning to marry her. His dad died in January 1936 and then Prince Edward was declared to be the new king. The royal family had always disapproved of Edward’s affair with Mrs. Simpson and managed to keep it out of British newspapers until October 1936 when Mrs. Simpson obtained a preliminary decree of divorce. Although Edward was popular with his subjects, when the scandal finally broke the Church Of England as well as most politicians viewed Mrs. Simpson as unfit for the royal family. Instead of having a coronation ceremony in May of 1937 as originally planned, Edward had a marriage ceremony in June. He remained married to the former Mrs. Simpson until his death in Paris in 1972.

Now on to the similar story. This one had taken place almost a couple thousand years earlier. A king named JC had volunteered to his father, the Supreme ruler of the kingdom, to go to another kingdom and rescue a bride from the peril and destruction that appeared to be her destiny. A search was ordered by the Supreme ruler that commanded that every kingdom every where be searched to find someone worthy to carry out the dangerous operation he knew would ultimately result in the death of his only son. When no one was found that would be able to accomplish the task at hand, he relented and his son abdicated his throne to go rescue this bride that was definitely unfit to be part of the royal family. She also, as in our previous story, had led an adulterous lifestyle. She was definitely not what any father would have picked for his son’s bride much less for a king. It didn’t matter. JC loved his bride and would do whatever was necessary and pay any price to have his her. He loved her so much that it did eventually cost him his life. He was crucified on a cross at the young age of slightly over 33 years old at the hands of Roman soldiers following mock trials in which he had been falsely accused. Although no fault had been found in him at his last trial, bowing to the political will of the citizenry, the monarch gave them a choice between JC and another prisoner to crucify. They chose JC and let the other prisoner, who had also been on death row, go free with only time served. Definitely a miscarriage of justice and not a very happy ending.

Actually it wasn’t an ending at all! Only 3 days later reports began to surface that JC had been seen alive. Not by one or two but by multitudes. A couple even gave testimony that they had talked with him and had him in their home to share a meal. He was later seen by nearly a dozen of his closest friends that had been constant companions over the last three plus years of his life. You might have guessed by now the reason JC’s story sounds so familiar. JC is none other than our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the Supreme ruler is His Father, God Almighty! According to Revelations chapter 5, a search was made in heaven and in the earth and beneath the earth but none was found worthy to be the sacrifice for his bride except him. Even with all of our sin, he is willing to forgive and make us fit for the family of God. He loved us so much he stretched out his arms and died for us even though he could have called countless angels to come to his rescue. Actually, he didn’t need them. He could have come down off of the cross all by himself but he chose to stay there and pay the price for my sin and yours if you will accept it. He loved us that much! Have a blessed day in the Lord!!!

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