WHAT IF YOU’RE WRONG?                                                                                                       Andy Hollifield 9-15-18

I just wasn’t sure exactly what verse of scripture to use, but I got to thinking about this question today; “What if you’re wrong?” I have read and seen stories yesterday in the news, of people refusing to leave their homes before the arrival of Hurricane Florence. I saw some of those same people being rescued by first responders as well as the Cajun Navy. I know of people personally that chose not to leave. I am not trying in any way to talk negatively about their decisions although I do have my own opinions. The one opinion that I will share is this question; “Why should emergency services personnel have to put their lives in jeopardy because someone refused to comply with mandatory evacuation orders?”

I know some people just absolutely can’t afford to evacuate but there is a lot that can but don’t. Some may think the forecasters always miss forecasts and some think forecasts are over-hyped for the benefit of retailers. But my question is; What if you’re wrong? What if the forecasts are accurate? What if it don’t change course and is just as devastating as they say it will be? What if the storm surge is as bad or worse than the forecasters predicted? What if harm comes to you or your family or even someone else because of the decision you have made? Is that something that you are willing to live with for the rest of your life?

Maybe I over-think stuff at times. Last year on this day, I was writing about Hurricane Irma missing the path that had been predicted. It had went further west than expected, I believe, sparing the state of Florida the total annihilation that had been predicted for several days. As bad as it was, it could have been much worse. I read a question recently that asked this: Why do we believe meteorologists we don’t know when they have been wrong so often? They usually forecast these storms for less than two weeks depending on how fast they are moving. At the same time, we ignore the warnings of Christ’ return even though we have 66 books of the bible to validate that God has never been wrong about anything. Some folks say there is no God which is a statement I totally disagree with. James 2:19 says that “the devils also believe and tremble.” Some may say that God is a God of love and wouldn’t send anyone to hell, but fail to acknowledge that he is also a God of wrath. Some people just refuse to believe the bible and anything it says.

With all of those things in mind I ask you again; “What if you’re wrong?” What if the forecasts are right and everything happens just the way it is predicted? What if you do put others at risk? Is that something you can live with? What if there is a place called hell, which there is, and people really go there, which they do? God does not send anyone there. As a matter of fact, he has done everything in his power to provide a way through Christ to keep you from going. He gave his Son for our sins and his Son shed his blood being crucified on a hill called Calvary. If you insist on rejecting God, he loves you enough that he will not force you to go to heaven. You wouldn’t be happy there worshipping someone you didn’t believe in. You will have to trample through the blood of Christ to get to hell.

What if you’re wrong about all you believe whether it be hurricanes or your need for a relationship with God? If I were wrong, which I’m not, I would have nothing to lose because I have accepted him as my Savior. But if you are wrong, which you are, you have everything to lose. Those that have accepted Christ can still die in a hurricane or as a result of a bad decision. But they can never set one foot or spend one second in hell because they have accepted Christ. Is it really worth betting your eternal soul on? That is the one thing you will have in common with Christians. You will have a new body just like ours. We will be able to worship and praise the Lord and be able to enjoy and withstand the Spirit of God and his presence. You on the other hand, will have a body that will suffer through the heat and flames and gnashing of teeth throughout eternity. You will not be able to die or change your mind about God. You will believe in him when you get there but it will be too late for you then. You will bow and confess him as Lord then but to no avail. Your opportunities for salvation will be past when you leave this life. What if you’re wrong? Have a blessed day in the Lord!!!



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