HOW IT GETS DONE                                                                                                                   Andy Hollifield 10-16-18

Matthew 25:40 And the king shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

The key scripture for our ministry is Matthew 25:35-40. “The least of these” is what our ministry has always been about. The least able financially, physically, emotionally, and most of all spiritually. Those who need and want a hand up and not just a hand out. Sometimes it can take a little while to tell the difference. Babies, kids, seniors, vets, hurting ladies, and those folks that live with the consequences of decisions that have turned out to not be the best in their life in hindsight. It is easy to judge but if those thoughts don’t move you to compassion, you need to ask the Lord to soften your heart. Each person we help is someone’s son, daughter, mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, or grandparent. They have or had someone who cares about them. Showing God’s love in action is probably the most rewarding thing you can do with your life. When you try to be a blessing and you come away feeling like you are the one that is blessed is hard to put into words.

My family and I have spent the weekend in just that situation; trying to be a blessing and getting blessed. We have met some people who I am sure I will be sharing heaven with and have seen the Christian spirit at it’s best. I usually don’t get to see the folks we actually help personally unless I am delivering a food box somewhere. We spend a lot of time providing necessities to the people on the front lines that are handing needed items to the ones that need them. In so doing, all of us are trying to show God’s love to both saved and lost alike.

The reason I write this is just to let all of you that follow our ministry know how appreciated you are. When I go on these trips or do our regular projects, I hear and see the gratitude of those that I meet. I get cards in the mail that I share with my board members at our meetings and also get to hear stories about those that are helped. Those are the things that as I like to say “It pays the bills”. I know that God keeps a record but it sure is encouraging to have folks appreciate you but without your support of the ministry, this wouldn’t happen.

I want to tell you a little story of how God operates our ministry. Most everything we do never comes together until the last minute. When it was mentioned to me about taking toiletry bags to a church in Wilmington I thought that I would just get up a small trailer load to take to them. That plan changed last minute to a rental truck because of the good response from God’s people. The water I planned to get at Sam’s Club was sold out in Asheville so I had to go to Hendersonville to get it. That was my fault because I didn’t order ahead but I didn’t know what to order because I didn’t know what vehicle I would be taking. Of course the devil is always going to fight. When I called the church in Wilmington, all they wanted was toiletry bags. I decided to go to my most reliable source (other than God) and called the pregnancy center in Wilmington. Unfortunately, they had to close their center temporarily due to storm damage and were operating out of a camper to keep seeing their clients. Cynthia, at the pregnancy center (Lifeline), returned my call and when I told her what I was doing she said “I know just the person you need to talk to”. She called and gave my info to Eric Harvey at Friendly Community Baptist Church in Burgaw, NC 20 miles west of Wilmington in Pender county. I wondered the same thing you just did when I first heard it and yes, the church folk lived up to their name. They are folks that you just click with. They were going to be personally taking the stuff directly to the people that they knew actually needed it. Eric works for Pender County EMS so he is aware of the storm damage and also of where the needs are. That is one of those little details that God put in his plan that obviously wasn’t in mine. They also had a lot of help to unload and were very grateful and amazed at all that we brought. I told them I had a wonderful group of churches and individuals back in western NC that were responsible for everything. All of these arrangements came on Thursday morning. There are times when you plan ahead but it is not always the plan God wants.

I also had my plans blow up in my face on the load of school supplies that I brought back from Help 4 Kids in Myrtle Beach. When I called on Sunday to arrange delivery, I was told they didn’t want them because they had no room and still had plenty. It turned out that the lady I took them to the last time in Sneedville had put a missionary she knew in contact with Help 4 Kids. She first told me to find a home for them if I could but called back Monday to tell me she remembered that the supplies were for his ministry. We will take those supplies to the missionary later this week. He called on Monday afternoon and we talked about the things the Lord is letting us be a part of and all that the Lord is doing. It was like talking to an old friend.

I was so blessed by all of the things that took place in the last few days that I just wanted to share it with you. As I have told you before, I am not super spiritual. I must admit that I didn’t just praise the Lord ahead of time but spent my time racking my brain trying to make it all come together. Then, in spite of all my efforts and planning, God shows up and shows out just because he can. It isn’t a case of not waiting on the Lord or getting ahead of him. It’s just that he doesn’t run everything by me before he does it. It’s like he says, “Go ahead and plan, then I will make it better”. I always like his plans a lot better. I hope you aren’t disappointed to find out that our ministry is not a well-oiled machine. It’s more like, pray and fly by the seat of our pants, and do our best, and trust God to make it all work. Thanks for all the support and most of all the prayers.  I hope you have enjoyed just a glimpse of “How It Gets Done”.  Have a blessed day in the Lord!!!

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