URGENT CARE                                                                                                                                 Andy Hollifield 10-18-18

Daniel 3:22 Therefore because the king’s commandment was urgent, and the furnace exceeding hot, the flame of the fire slew those men that took up Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.

Urgent–compelling or requiring immediate action or attention; imperative; pressing

I would have to say that if ever there was a need for “urgent care”, these Hebrews needed it because of the king’s “urgent” command. There are several times in the bible that people are in dire circumstances but only a few that you would have to call “urgent”. This was one of those. The fire was so hot that it killed the men that put them in the furnace. Daniel being cast into the den of lions in chapter 6 would also constitute the need for “urgent care”. Peter beginning to sink while walking on the water to Jesus in Matthew 14 would be another one. The word “urgent” appears only two times in the bible which is two more than I knew about. Another similar word; “immediately” appears 55 times, all of them in the New Testament. As I read through the scriptures using “immediately” I noticed something. Out of the 55 times, 19 were referring to people being healed “immediately”. The thing about each of those individuals is that they had all been in their condition a long time. Their cases weren’t urgent, meaning they would have survived a while if they hadn’t of been healed but God healed them immediately. The urgent times I previously mentioned were times when death was imminent if not for the “urgent care” of the Lord. There were other times, such as when Jonah was thrown overboard, when “urgent care” was needed because death was imminent. When Israel crossed the Red Sea, and when they had no food or water, immediate care was also needed but not necessarily “urgent care”.

This thought of “urgent care” came to me several weeks ago. I thought of all the times in my life I have needed “urgent care”. There were several times while driving a truck that urgent care was needed to avoid an accident that very possibly would have ended in death. There have been other times when I felt like urgent care was needed that it didn’t happen. But in those times, when God fixed the situation it was immediately resolved. It may have been a long time coming but when it came it didn’t take but a split second for God to fix it. We behave as God’s children just like our children do to us. They will come and ask on Monday with great urgency what we are planning to do Saturday. In their mind it is urgent but in reality, life will go on without them knowing the answer. We do God the same way. I have read a saying that says; “a problem on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part”. Don’t you think that maybe God thinks about some of our pleas that way? He knows they’re not urgent but when he fixes them he does it immediately.

My thought was this: we worry so much about getting to the “urgent care” quickly when we are hurt physically, so why don’t we operate with the same urgency to get the care we need from the Lord spiritually? We will try and fail repeatedly to fix situations and then expect God to treat them urgently. The fact is that if we had trusted him with them to start with, they might have already been resolved. Why do we try and fail until we get discouraged and give up when the “urgent care” is there for the taking the whole time? The “urgent care” center is as close as your knees and you can get there immediately by prayer. Have a blessed day in the Lord!!!

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