ALREADY WON                                                                                                                             Andy Hollifield 10-24-18

There is a song I love entitled, “I Am On The Winning Side”.  I am not sure who the author is but it is a great song.  There is only one problem with it; the side I’m on has already won.  In Revelation 1:18 “I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death”.  Only one person fits that description and that is our Savior Jesus Christ.

Satan has tried to defeat Jesus time and time again.  He has always failed and will continue to.   In Isaiah 14 the bible speaks about when Satan, or Lucifer, tried to exalt himself above God in heaven, he was cast down to hell.  Talk about a sore loser he is one.  He continued on in Matthew 2:16 when Herod issued an order to have all children age two and under killed and hoping to kill Jesus in the process.  He wasn’t able to defeat him there neither because in verse 14 God had instructed Joseph to take his family to Egypt.  In Matthew 4 he didn’t even try to hide his motives.  He came and tempted Jesus after he had fasted forty days and nights and was hungry.  Three times Satan tried to tempt Jesus.  He tried with food.  He tried to get him to tempt God by jumping off the temple.  And finally he tried to tempt him with pride promising to give him kingdoms that weren’t even his to give.  All three times Jesus didn’t argue but always rebuked him with scripture.

Fast forward several years and he is still trying.  In Luke 4:29 the crowds would have cast him down from a high hill but he conveyed himself away.  Just like today, they got angry at his preaching.  I am sure there were a lot of other times but we will go on to the crucifixion.  In John 19:18 Jesus was finally dead.  The only trouble is that he didn’t stay dead.  Satan couldn’t even kill him.  On the third day he arose from the grave having conquered death, hell, and the grave.  It’s kind of hard to deny when folks that have been dead for years all of a sudden reappear on city streets, and especially a man who had been crucified only 3 days earlier.  Like the scripture in Revelation says, not only did Satan not defeat him, but he lost the keys to his own home to him.  Pilate done all he could to make sure that Jesus stayed in the tomb.  He made it sure, sealed it with a stone, and even set a watch.  None of those efforts produced results because Jesus still arose. I haven’t read of any big effort on Satan’s part to stop the ascension or for that matter the second coming.

With Jesus’ track record of always beating the devil at every turn, why would we even give the devil the satisfaction of worrying about him.  When Jesus came out of that tomb and ascended to the mercy seat and placed his own blood on it, that sealed our victory.  Once you have repented and been born again, your victory has already been won. We just have to show up to fight. If Jesus conquered all of that, what problem could you possibly have that he can’t handle for you?  All you have to do is ask because you have ALREADY WON.  Have a blessed day in the Lord!!!



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