Andy Hollifield 11-15-16


I am thankful this morning for the Monday night prayer meeting service @ Morning View Baptist on Reems Creek in Weaverville last night. I especially enjoyed the testimonies about kids that have gotten SAVED in the last week. God is still working.

With that in mind, I want to share a story from my past that might be a help to someone. It took place I believe during the first Gulf war. Our church, Faith Baptist Church on Oak Hill Rd. in the Emma section met each Friday night during the war to pray for our soldiers and our country. Our pastor, Rev. Bruce West, believed it would be good for our church as well as our country and he believed God would hear and answer which he did. It was on Saturday morning after one of the Friday night prayer services that I received a phone call about 10:15 from a lady in our church. This was when I was a young preacher, still unmarried with no wife for moral support. This lady told me that God had brought me to her attention during the service and told her that she needed to pray for me. She then told me that God had kept me on her mind all morning on Saturday and even had her to record a song that was about to be played on the radio. She was obedient and did that just before she called me that morning.

Now just to put things in perspective, she was our song leader’s wife and they were both good friends of mine. They had lived near me once upon a time and had invited me to supper at their house on previous occasions. God had blessed me with a wonderful church family and I was kind of everyone’s pet I guess you could say. This phone call however seemed a little odd because she felt like I was struggling with something in my life because of the intense burden she felt from the Lord to pray for me. I appreciated her thoughts and prayers but I really didn’t know of any particular issue I was having at the time. That being said, the purpose for her call was that she felt that she needed to play the song she had recorded over the phone so I could hear it. I agreed and the song began to play. The name of the song was “There’s A Miracle In The Making”. Even though I didn’t know of any thing really wrong at the minute, the Holy Ghost came down and she and I and the Lord had meeting right there on the phone. Just the fact that God put me on someone’s heart and they put forth that kind of effort on my behalf still blesses me till this day. That is still one of my favorite songs even more so than it was at the time.

I just wanted to share that with you this morning. This may not be a phone call but I prayed and asked God what I should write and I feel like he wanted me to share this story for someone. You may be struggling with something in your life but rest assured God hasn’t forgotten about you and he does have a “Miracle In The Making” for you today.

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