NO REASON TO BE DISMAYED                                                                                                Andy Hollifield 11-10-16

Good morning everyone! I woke up this morning and my feet hit the floor and I got out of bed without assistance and am able to walk under my own power. All of that may sound simple but it is proof that God’s grace has been with me for another night. Just to make sure no one misunderstands my last couple posts: my man wasn’t up for election on Tuesday. His office has been filled since before the foundation of the world. He has been opposed numerous times by a lot of people but has only had one major coup on his home soil that he quickly put down with his word and cast the offenders out of his city to a place he prepared for them. No one has ever laid a hand on him in anger that he didn’t allow, but untold millions have touched his heart in prayer. He doesn’t use twitter but often speaks sweet peace to troubled hearts in a still small voice. He is a world leader beyond compare; setting up kingdoms and removing them, feeding thousands with slightly more than a sandwich, bringing numerous victories to his armies without them even having to fight, guiding desperate souls to right decisions, always takes care of sickness with a great bedside manner often taking the sick person home with him where they will be provided with a new body. Not only does he take care of people but he is an animal lover that knows every sparrow that falls and feeds them in times of drought and times of plenty. He also gives them a tune to sing every morning for the enjoyment of the rest of us as they sing praise to him for his goodness. He is also a great gardener that covers the fields and mountains with indescribable beauty. He even sets the bounds on how far on land the tide can come and tells the sun, moon, and stars when to shine and gives them their light. I could go on and on about him but I could never do him justice. I can however introduce you to him. He is a real people person!

To be dismayed is to have a sudden and complete loss of courage and to be without hope or confidence. Nothing at all has happened that gives me reason to be dismayed. Even though he has never been a candidate I am thankful he has always been and still is in charge. I hope this encourages someone as you face whatever lies ahead of you. Have a blessed day in the Lord!!!

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