Christmas Greetings And Strange Looks                                                                               Andy Hollifield 11-26-16

Have you ever noticed the strange looks you get when you wish someone “Merry Christmas” the day after Thanksgiving? People look at you like “What’s wrong with you man?” I love it! Just going around wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and watching the startled looks you get. It’s almost like they haven’t been paying attention to the calendar and you just gave them a newsflash. Call me strange if you want to but try it. You will enjoy it and it will brighten someone’s day if only for a moment. We all need those momentary escapes from reality that come from an unexpected greeting, someone using good manners and being polite, a really good belly laugh, or running into an old friend and taking a quick trip down memory lane. You would be amazed at how many opportunities to witness for the Lord that a greeting to a stranger will get you. I love the looks on people’s face so much that when I went to Minnesota back in the summer, I would speak to someone just because I knew with my slight southern accent (ha-ha) I would get a lot of looks and a lot of conversations. My accent is so thick that I don’t even have to go anywhere but the local Ingles or Wal-Mart for people to listen and grin when I start talking. Up north, I like to start conversations after I have spoken and got the look by saying “Would you believe I’m a local?”. Of course everyone says no and the conversation turns to where I am from and my purpose for being there. In Minnesota, it gave me the opportunity to tell them about the new Baptist churches in the area that we were working on. It was when I said the number one word that Northerners want to know if Southerners really say, “Y’all” that I gave everyone the good belly laugh.

You may be saying to yourself that this post today is just silly. It may be but I bet you have already smiled at least once. You probably even laughed out loud at the thoughts of me placing an order at McDonald’s in Minnesota or Illinois and the look I got from the kid behind the counter. Admit it, you laughed! It’s ok! I am used to it. Try it yourself. Wish everyone you see today a Merry Christmas with a big smile! It will not only help them, but you will find out by the end of the day that it made you feel pretty good too and you might even want to keep doing it. After all Jesus even said “…ask and ye shall receive that your joy may be full” (John 16:24). As Christians, we are supposed to be full of joy so that the world can see Christ’s love in our life. You might even get the opportunity to tell someone what Christmas is really all about. Have a blessed day in the Lord!!!

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