Human Nature                                                                                                                               Andy Hollifield 11-28-16

The Lord is finally getting ready to answer another prayer! According to the forecast, there’s a high likelihood we’ll see significant rain over the next two days starting tonight. Well over a month without any measurable rainfall and with over 3.6 million people under drought conditions in western North Carolina alone and 25 wildfires still burning in a six state area of the south including us, you would think there wouldn’t be any complaints about the possibility of rain. Wrong! Just this morning on our local weather report, they were doing their usual drama routine and talking about a good possibility of flash flooding and the problems that could possibly arise from that. Why can we not just be thankful that we may finally be getting some rain? I bet all the firefighters in the south are not overly concerned with flash flooding. I know that preparations have to be made for all types of weather conditions but please, just enjoy the rain for just a little while if it gets here before you start complaining about your hair getting wet or you’ll get soaked walking your dog or you can’t play a round of golf. We have got wells going dry, businesses as well as homes on water conservation, the heart of our tourist industry; our mountains being ravaged by fire, and before the first drop of rain falls we are complaining about the possibility of flash flooding. Seriously?

I know that it may not have been meant to come across that way but that is how I took it. I try to be an optimistic person and look at the glass half full. If the truth be known, we all do pretty much the same thing. For example, we will begin to pray for a friend or family member and ask God to “do whatever it takes” to turn their heart to him. When he begins to work and trouble hits their life to humble them and bring them to the point where they realize they need God, then we start to pray “Oh God I don’t know how you could let this happen to them, please have mercy.” Or if it is financial trouble, we will take an offering at church without even knowing the circumstances and help them pay their way out of trouble, all the while undermining what we have asked God to do in their lives. Isn’t that how we do? We ask God to deal with them and then ask him to stop. We pray for rain and then complain when we think it’s coming. Human nature; we don’t like to admit it, but we like to complain. We enjoy it. It is just another one of our hobbies and it doesn’t cost anything. We are wrong. When folks around us that may not know the Lord hear us complain about what he is doing, they wonder why we would even worship him if we are always unhappy with what he does. If they don’t see our faith in hard times and difficult situations, why would they think he would do any better for them if they trusted him? We effectively kill his influence with the very people we are trying to win to him. That is a great price to pay for our hobby of complaining. Besides all of that, I am learning repeatedly as I get older, God doesn’t need me as an advisor! He has been handling his business long before I got here and has always managed just fine without my advice. What he does need is for us to put our COMPLETE trust in him at all times. Even in times of drought, give him credit for knowing what we need. If we trust him with our eternal soul, shouldn’t we also trust him to handle the weather? Just the simple comment in conversation: “It may be dry, but the Lord knows what we need” can go a long way in the mind of a person that don’t know God. Remember as a kid when something went bump in the night and you got scared and your mom said “Don’t worry, it’s all right! Go back to sleep.” Remember the comfort and peace you felt knowing dad was on the job; well, God is still on the job! If our earthly father could give us that kind of peace in our fear, how much more will our heavenly father give us that same kind of peace regardless of our circumstances? You got peace because mom said you could count on your dad. Those around us will be able to get peace if they see our confidence in our heavenly father at all times.  Just a thought. Have a blessed day in the Lord!!!

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