THE MORNING AFTER                                                                                                                   Andy Hollifield 11-9-16

Well, it is finally the morning after! I am glad this is over and at the risk of offending some folks, I am glad it turned out like it did. Not because I like Trump because that is definitely not the case. I personally believe that God has granted mercy once again because the Supreme court was hanging in the balance. Now that he has done that, it is high time that we as Christians quit playing and get down to business of turning our nation back to God one soul at a time. I am sure that God gets sick and tired of us being “crisis Christians” only calling on him when we need to be bailed out of trouble. What is wrong with living right all the time just because it is the right thing to do. God, guns, and guts did make America free IN THAT ORDER!!!

We are not by any means in the clear. As of right now (pending certification) it appears that our governor has paid a great price for standing up for our wives and children. Although he has accomplished great things in our state and even got our teachers significant pay raises, we have chosen rather to elect as governor an official that has repeatedly refused to perform the duties of the last job NC hired him to do. I am proud that our state voted for some sense of morality and to preserve the Supreme Court but it cannot stop there. We must get back to living not by popular culture or opinion but by the precepts and principles of God’s word. For anyone that thinks that preachers and Christians shouldn’t get too involved in politics; if we had of gotten involved a lot sooner we wouldn’t be in the shape as a country and a state that we are in now. At some point we have got to realize that we have hit bottom and turn and head back to the God that gave us our nation to begin with and has preserved it for over 240 years. We can start by lifting up our newly elected officials at all levels in prayer as we are commanded by God to do. Have a blessed day in the Lord!!!

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