Andy Hollifield

This was my post 2 years ago today. I hope you enjoy it.

WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND?                                                                                                             Andy Hollifield 12-15-16

Ten days remaining till Christmas. I know you probably really needed me to remind you of that. Any other time of year that would be a full week and a half. This time of year however, it means you are running out of time. Are you thinking of everything you can’t possibly get done in only ten days? Why do we spend so much time creating our own stress about one day of the year? Whatever happened to just enjoying Christmas? I have heard people talk about hanging a sock above the fireplace and getting a piece of fruit and maybe a peppermint stick and that was Christmas. There would usually be a special pie that their mom didn’t fix except on very special occasions. For me it was momma’s baked beans complete with mustard, molasses and brown sugar and would make your tongue slap your brains out. She fixed them occasionally throughout the year but I came to expect them at Christmas. And of course we had to have pumpkin pie and it was best when it was still just a little warm from coming out of the oven (no microwaves back then). The coolest part in those days was that dad was off of work and we spent the whole day playing and usually went to grandma’s house at some point. Later on Christmas night sometimes, dad would call Uncle Albert in New York to wish him a Merry Christmas. The things you remember about Christmas. All of the memories I have had one thing in common; someone invested their time in making them. It doesn’t seem like back then that we were so busy and rushed all the time. We took time to really enjoy and appreciate the blessings God had given us.

It seems like now if we are not careful, we will let the whole season fly by and never take the time to enjoy it. As I get older I have noticed that I seem to be losing a lot more of the people who were a part of a lot of those memories. But with all of that said, it brings up the question I started with: What’s on your mind? That “gotta have” gift for someone isn’t that likely to be remembered near as much as you probably think. The number of gifts under the tree by next year will be forgotten. What you are worrying about today, you probably won’t even remember this time next year. We ask everyone afterwards “did you all have a big Christmas?” What makes it “big”? It’s not really all the things but all the people. You can buy things year round but sharing time visiting and enjoying people and doing a whole lot of talking about nothing is what makes our days memorable. Way too soon our kids are grown and our parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles may be gone and the opportunity to make memories with them is gone also. As we draw closer to Christmas I will share with you something I always tell my wife and son; “the main thing is to remain calm”. Just slow down, take a deep breath, and relax. In the overall scheme of life, most of what keeps us so worked up never comes to pass anyway and it is definitely not worth worrying ourselves sick over. Take the time to treasure the gifts that God has given you and always remember, you are helping make someone’s memories. Have a blessed day in the Lord!!!

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