WINDOWS                                                                                                                                      Andy Hollifield 12-18-17

Malachi 3:10 Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive.

Window——an opening in the wall of a building, the side of a vehicle, etc., for the admission of air or light or both.

That is the most simple and obvious of definitions. The word “windows” is used 30 times in the bible. The word “window” occurs 16 times. As I began to look at this, I see that windows are designed to let stuff in but it is when things go out of a window that seems to be the biggest blessing. That in itself is kind of ironic because “out the window” is one of our most common phrases for something being wasted or just lost such as an opportunity.

As I begin to read some of the scriptures pertaining to windows, the first one that came to mind was the one in Malachi 3. I was thinking of how that sometimes God just gets in the midst of situations and continually blesses in so many different ways. It is truly wonderful when he does open the windows of heaven and pour out blessings there isn’t room to receive. As I looked up the phrase “windows of heaven” I found that it is used 5 times in the bible. The first 3 are what really caught my attention. The first one is in Genesis 7:11 where it speaks about the windows of heaven being opened during the great flood of Noah’s time. The next time is in 8:2 where it talks about the windows of heaven being stopped. The third one is the scripture in Malachi. The thing I noticed about these three was this; judgment came in 7:11 and judgment ceased in 8:2 then a blessing came in Malachi 3 that there wasn’t room to receive. Malachi said “a” blessing, not blessings. If God can pour out one blessing that there isn’t room to receive, just imagine how abundant his blessings are when he pours out more than one. We sometimes get so wrapped up talking about the tithes in that verse that we miss the main point which is the blessing itself. The last 2 times that “windows of heaven” is used is in 2 Kings chapter 7. It is used twice in that chapter and the first time in verse 2 it was said disputing God’s word from the prophet Elisha like we would use the statement “when pigs fly.” Elisha had told the king that in about 24 hours a measure of fine flour would be sold for a shekel or two measures of barley for that price in the gate of Samaria. The king’s servant that the king was leaning on said to the prophet, “If the Lord would make windows in heaven, might this thing be? Then Elisha told the servant that he would see it but he wouldn’t eat any of it. In verse 19 it came to pass just as the prophet had said. The servant was trode upon him in the gate of the city. The other thing I found interesting about the phrase “windows of heaven” is that it is used 5 times and 5 is the number of grace.

The word “windows” is used a few times that I want to make mention of. In Song of Solomon 2:9 it talks about the beloved saying “he looketh forth at the windows.” Isaiah 24:18 talks about the wrath of God saying, “the windows from on high are open.” Jeremiah spoke in Jeremiah 9:21 about “death is come into our windows. “Windows” is not even used in the New Testament.

As far as some of the things coming out of a window there are several. One notable time is when the men that got the decree to worship a false god passed, they were the ones that saw and heard Daniel praying at his open windows just as he had before. Back in Genesis the bible speaks about the upper window that God had Noah to build in the ark. There were a couple of significant things about that window. It was this window that provided a view of the clear skies looking toward heaven after the flood but also was where the dove made its first trip and returned and also made its second trip but didn’t return thus demonstrating that it had found dry land. In Joshua 2:15 the life of the spies was preserved when Rahab let them down through a window. That same window was where life was preserved again, this time being the life of Rahab and her family. The spies had told her to hang a scarlet thread out of that window and when their army invaded the lives of her and her family would be spared. In order to be spared, they had to be in that house. This story is kind of similar to the children of Israel being preserved if they were behind scarlet blood of the lamb inside of their homes. In 1 Samuel 19:12, David’s life was preserved when his wife Michal let him down through a window and he escaped. Jezebel’s life was taken when she painted her face and dressed her hair as Jehu invaded with his army. Jehu refused to be seduced but rather had 2 or 3 eunichs that proclaimed they were on his side, throw her down out of the window. In 2 Kings 13, arrows were ordered shot out of a window signifying the dominance of Israel’s army over Syria again preserving life. In Acts 20:9 a young man named Eutychus fell out of a third story window when Paul got long-winded preaching. Paul went down and fell upon him and embraced him and declared that he was not dead and the boy apparently came to and went up with them to eat. Even though he had fallen out of a window, his life was preserved and God was glorified. In 2 Corinthians 11, Paul’s life was preserved when he was let down through a window in a basket to avoid being apprehended.

Life was preserved a lot of times by use of a window from Noah all the way to Paul. I don’t have any real deep spiritual meanings but I just thought it was interesting how that windows were used to preserve life in the bible. I am most thankful though, for the scripture in Malachi where it says the Lord will pour out a blessing. I am glad that it didn’t end there but that the Lord is still pouring out blessings on his people. Great faith was demonstrated numerous times by folks willing to risk their lives to save the lives of others. That is still what it takes to preserve life. We must put on display in the window of our soul, great faith in the Lord Jesus in order for a lost and dying world to see something in our lives that they would desire him. Their lives can be preserved by accepting the Lord if they see him in our lives. What does the lost world see when they look into your window? May God pour out his blessings in your life. Have a blessed day in the Lord!!!

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