CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?                                                                                                               Andy Hollifield 12-22-18

Luke 1:37  For with God nothing shall be impossible.

Can you believe some of the unusual stuff that God used to accomplish his purpose in different situations?  It is really fascinating when you get to thinking about them and how inadequate they would seem to be considering what was accomplished with them.  It is also very encouraging just to know that God can do everything from turning a stick  into a snake and then turning it back into a stick.  He even uses hopeless situations to accomplish his purpose.  Let’s look at a few of them.

Genesis 18 is a good place to start with one of those hopeless and impossible situations.  That is the story of Abraham and Sarah being told that she was going to have a baby at 90 and him being 100.  He was old and she was well past her child-bearing years but that didn’t even slow God down.  He just said it and it was so.

Another one in Genesis is the story of Joseph which also contains one of my favorite scriptures.  Genesis 37 tells how Joseph was hated by his brothers and sold into slavery in Egypt.  It would seem that all hope for a reunion with his family was lost.  God once again changed a hopeless situation into a positive outcome.  It is one of those stories that you would say, “You can’t make this stuff up.”  It is just that far-fetched and unbelievable but it happened.  God not only allowed Joseph’s brothers to cast him into a pit and sell him into slavery, but also allowed him to be falsely accused and put into prison for a while.  That is when God started showing out.  Pharaoh had a dream that no one could interpret and the butler, that had been in prison with Joseph, finally remembered him.  To make a long story a little shorter, Joseph was called to interpret the dream and was eventually elevated to the number two position in the country.  When famine hit Canaan, Israel sent his sons to buy corn in Egypt.  And who was the man they had to buy it from?  It was none other than Joseph whom Pharaoh had made ruler over Egypt.  God had set a plan in motion years before with the sale of Joseph to the Midianites, to use him to preserve his kindred and bring about the birth of Israel as a nation.  Joseph was in a perfect position to carry out his revenge on his brethren but what was his reaction instead?  It was simply “But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good…” Genesis 50:20.  From a pit to Potiphar to a prison then to a palace.  I told you that you can’t make this stuff up.

Also in Genesis he used one man and his three sons to build an ark even though it had never rained on the earth.  Noah preached for 120 years with no converts, rode out the flood, and then Noah’s sons and their wives repopulated the earth.  Another story of preservation took place in Exodus.  God raised up a baby, even when babies were being killed, and made a royal son out of him.  He was preserved in a basket that was set in the river.  After being found by Pharaoh’s daughter, his mother was unknowingly hired to nurse him.  He later killed an Egyptian, and wound up on the run for murder.  He went from being a prince to a fugitive and then to a shepherd in just a matter of minutes.  He wound up getting sent back to Egypt by God to bring his people, the Israelites, out of bondage and lead them to the land God had promised Abraham hundreds of years before.  The exodus from Egypt was full of unusual things God used and how he used them.  With the rod of Moses stretched out over the waters of the Red Sea, God parted the water, made the sea floor into a dry path for hours, and then after his people had passed over to the other side, he let the waters go back into place and drown the pursuing Egyptian army.  Then he led his people for 40 years in the wilderness using a cloud and a pillar of fire.  He later used a tree to sweeten bitter water and also brought water out of a rock when Moses smote the rock.

Time fails me to tell of a crying slave boy with a government job in the palace becoming a leader among his people after rebuilding their city.  There is also the story of how God took a farmer’s son and made a general out of him.  That same man led an army of three hundred men armed  only with pitchers, lamps, and trumpets to defeat an army of thousands.  Numerous times when Israel was outnumbered in battle, God fought for them and gave them the victory.  There is also the exploits of Elijah and Elisha in 1 Kings.  God used everything from ravens to a widow to a cruse of oil and angels to accomplish his purpose.  Now you can understand the reason behind the title.  It just seems so impossible that these things could have actually happened but they did.

Now with all of that said, look at the situations in your life.  You probably see some impossible looking stuff don’t you?  Some of those situations are just downright hopeless.  Some of those things you may be praying about just don’t seem like they will ever happen.  If God can use some of the people and things to fix some of the situations I mentioned, he can use anything he needs to fix your situation too.  Can you believe it?  Have a blessed day in the Lord!!!

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