A LARGE PLACE                                                                                                                          Andy Hollifield 1-9-19

Psalms 118:5 I called upon the Lord in distress: the Lord answered me, and set me in a large place.

“A large place” is used six times in the bible and only one of those is in a negative way. The other five, keep in mind that five is the number of grace, are all used speaking of the Lord’s deliverance, and provision. The reason I am writing this is just to praise the Lord for bringing me into a large place. In early December 2017, I received a call inquiring about what type of work I do with pregnancy centers. Even though I didn’t provide the services needed, when told the situation I simply couldn’t refuse to try to help.

I started trying to find a home to rent for a single mother that was only a couple of days away from being homeless. She was about 34 weeks pregnant. I thought I had a place lined up but due to insurance issues my plans fell through. In desperation on that Friday night, I put a request on Facebook for a room, house, trailer, apartment, etc… to rent reasonable. Prior to sending it I bowed my head and said to the Lord, “You know the situation and I just pray that you will help me find a place for this young lady.” Those may not have been the exact words but it’s pretty close. I knew I would be talking to the young lady on Saturday and had already told her I had a mobile home lined up. I dreaded making that phone call and letting her down the next day. Around midnight on Friday or a little after, I received a message from a couple in Mars Hill that said they had two rooms and would be glad to take this girl in. We talked on Saturday and you talk about the Lord’s Spirit bearing witness between two souls, it did. This lady, Paula, was at home crying and I was walking around in Ingles in a daze and amazed at what God had just done and rejoicing in my soul. When I made that phone call to the young lady on Saturday afternoon, I was elated to be able to tell her that I had her a home complete with a family and a mother of four and it was completely free. We made arrangements for her to go to church with my family on Sunday and then go meet this couple. Just to show how God works, in messaging back and forth with Paula on Friday night and early Saturday morning, I found out not only did I know her husband but had went to church with him years earlier. God knows how to put things together and relieve your mind. He doesn’t do anything halfway. To make a long story short, the young lady followed me to their house on Sunday afternoon and they instantly fell in love with her. Sunday night, Paula’s husband Eric and I moved this young lady’s belongings into storage and some to her new home in Mars Hill.

I know this may sound familiar and it is because you read about in December 2017 in my post and also right before Christmas 2018. The reason I am writing about it again is so that you can help me rejoice and thank God for answering prayer. Today, January 9th, is the first birthday of my little buddy Sam. Not having any grandchildren of my own, he is a special blessing to me and also to his other “heart papa” Eric. We may not be actual kin by blood but he is forever embedded in our hearts as well as in his “Mimi” Paula’s heart and grandma Diane. We all think there is just nobody like Sam. Uncle Tyler likes him pretty good to and so does Paula’s four children and their families.

I sit in awe as I write just thinking about those answered prayers from a little over a year ago and everyday since. The joy is bubbling out of my eyes just to think that, from my distress about a home for Jacky, the Lord answered all of those prayers and has most definitely brought me into a large place. That is to say a place of blessing and provision and has enlarged the borders of my heart to make room for two complete strangers, Jacky and Sam, in a way I wouldn’t have ever dreamed happening. She is just stuck with all of us from now on as long as she will have us. From distress to a large place: God still answers prayer. Have a blessed day in the Lord!!!





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