PERILOUS TIMES                                                                                                                          Andy Hollifield 1-24-19

2 Timothy 3:1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

Peril—exposure to injury, loss, destruction; jeopardy, serious risk; and danger

Perilous—-involving or full of grave risk or peril; hazardous; or dangerous

Paul hit that one right on the money when he was instructing Timothy before his death. There is another word that carries major meaning in this scripture. The word is “also.” That word simply means “in addition to something else.” You have to go back and read the first two chapters to understand all that Paul is doing. He is preparing Timothy for his ministry after he departs this life. In the first chapter, Paul gives Timothy the personal accolades about his family and also talks about his own ministry as well as giving Timothy instruction. He encourages him especially in maintaining the doctrines of Christ regardless of how they may be received. He also spoke about some that had turned away from the faith.

In chapter two, he tells Timothy “Thou therefore be stong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.” “Therefore;” I have always heard that if you see that word, you need to back up and read and see what it is there for. He was simply encouraging Timothy to be strong in his stand because of the way people would turn away. If you have ever had someone who you have had confidence and trust in, turn on you and walk away; you know that it takes the grace of God to overcome the disappointment and stay strong in your faith. In chapter two, Paul also tells Timothy how he should behave and conduct himself personally. He also tells him things that can be pitfalls to his ministry if he allows them to. He tells him also that when an erring person repents and turns back to the Lord, to be meek and gentle to them as well as patient.

In chapter three he warns him about the perilous times that will come in the last days. If you read down to verse seven it is like reading a description of what our society has become today. He finishes the chapter by reminding him again that he has prepared for the perilous times since he was a child and that he has everything he needs to lead people to the Lord. Chapter four continues on with the same instruction and reminds him that he will stand in judgment one day before a holy and righteous God. He warns Timothy that the time will come when folks won’t accept the gospel. For that reason, Timothy will have to watch himself and will be required to endure afflictions. He then says his good-byes and sends final greetings to his friends and testifies about how his life has been and how the Lord has always been faithful.

That is just a brief summary of the entire book of 2 Timothy. There is a reason I went through all of that. It is because the events of this week with the governor of New York signing the pro abortion bill allowing the murder of babies in their mother’s womb right up until delivery. I have seen on Facebook that folks are up in arms over this atrocity and we should be. How have we gone from the birth of a baby being precious to disposing of them like a used Kleenex? It is a sad day in which we live but for those that know the Lord; What did you really expect? Why would we even think that our nation, which has turned so far away from God, would all of a sudden develop a conscience and inconvenience their own selves with the lifetime commitment that a baby is? It is so much easier just to pay a few hundred dollars and eliminate the problem. God help us when we think that is even a viable option. In 1 Timothy 4:2, Paul speaks of people departing from the faith in the latter days, being lying hypocrites, because they have their conscience seared with a hot iron. We have arrived at those days when we can supposedly justify anything we want to do with one or two verses of scripture regardless of how depraved it may be. God still will not wink at our sin. Paul says in 2 Corinthians 5:10 that we will all give an account to God for all of our works whether they are good or bad.

I could go on and on but I want to try to encourage you a little. I don’t take this ruling lightly and I have nothing but compassion for the ladies that find themselves in that situation. Like a deacon’s wife once told me; “You can’t unbreak an egg.” Once it is done, you just have to minister to these ladies where they are at. I said minister, not judge. Our judgment will benefit no one at that time but our ministry in those times of trouble for a lady, may lead her to Christ in some of the darkest days of her life.

I don’t even pretend that there was anything the least bit right about the law in New York. The sacrifice of morality is nothing new, especially in some of our large cities. But listen to what Jesus said on the subject: “And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh (Luke 21:28). It is time to look up. We have to keep listening but it is way past time that we started looking. Mark 13:29 says that when all of these things happen, it is “nigh, even at the doors.” This world gets more wicked by the day and our country rebels against God more every passing day, but those that are born again are fixing to head home. When there is no regard for innocent life; we truly are in “perilous times.” Have a blessed day in the Lord!!!


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