I’M ON IT                                                                                                                                        Andy Hollifield 2-2-19

Proverbs 18:24 A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.

I finally got to take Hetzel and Yaudy back home to Mars Hill Wednesday. I had wondered how in the world, as much as I loved my number one grandson Sam, I could ever love another one that much. Now I have it figured out: God just doubles the size of your heart each time you get another one. They are so different in their own little ways, but that doesn’t affect the love I have for them except to make me love each of them more. The good thing is that Hetzel will be living about three miles from me so he is in serious trouble. I am sure he will get tired of me before I get tired of him. Life is so good, or I should say the Lord is so good, that on the day Hetzel was born, I got to babysit Sam that day. Talk about a blessed man.

You may be wondering why I started out talking about the boys. It’s simple; a lot of the same people who have carried Hetzel and Yaudy to the throne of grace in the past ten days, did the same for Sam and Jacky a little over a year ago. One of my fellow Woodfinites, and maybe even a branch cousin Sharon Rice, wrote something to me that was very touching. She wrote that she knew mom and baby needed prayer but so did Diane and I.  I hope she don’t mind me using her name but when someone says something that meaningful to you, you need to give them credit or as we say, pin the roses on them while you can. Right after she said the part about us needing prayer she said this, “I’m on it.” You may not think that is a big deal but if you had been through the last 10 days of my life, you would appreciate it as much as I do. I don’t mean to be overly dramtic or anything, but when you communicate with baby momma through a Spanish translation app on your phone, and the baby was hanging between life and death due to someone else’s ignorance and pride, and you are trying to be up-beat and prayerful and supportive and suppress your anger; it makes for a difficult week. When you have a friend say “You need prayer and I’m on it”  it means something to you. I know she has been praying continually because she has followed the updates and made statements about them being heavy on her mind. I know she will be reading this and I want her to know I appreciate it.

That statement, “I’m on it” struck a chord with me and I began to think about it and wonder. I wonder what our life would be like if we took that approach with the Lord. If every time he said for us to do something, what if rather than make excuses we responded, “I’m on it.” What would be even better would be if we just saw a need in someone else’s life and just responded with, “I’m on it.” What a blessing it would be to us to do it and how it would honor and please the Lord if we responded to other people’s needs that way. After all Philippians 2:3 says “…in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.” Think about it for a minute. I’m not talking about dropping dollars in someone cap or tin can. I’m talking about when we see an actual, legitimate, need. What if our response was “Uh oh! He needs help and I’m on it.” Some of the greatest Christians I know, without ever saying it, took that approach. There are a couple of men that I can think of right off the top of my head, that more became known after their death of things they had done than was ever known when they were alive. Wouldn’t it be an honor to know your home going was going to be like that? There was a man I know that came to the visitation when my dad passed away in 2007.  He showed me his lapel pin of either a cross or praying hands. My dad had just died and I didn’t think I was really that interested in his pin at that particular minute. Then, he told me the story behind it. He said that about 25 years before, my dad had went to his house on visitation. He talked to him a little bit and before he left said, “I want you to have this” and gave him the pin.  He wasn’t saved at that time but he told me just that one little act got him under conviction. Dad had invited him to church but didn’t make mention of his sins. He knew that every body around knew what kind of man he was. He just couldn’t believe that someone from the church would come by to invite him to church and actually want him to come. He just invited him to come and meet the Savior. He didn’t get saved right away but he said that dad’s visit and his invitation without judgment began to work on his heart. He said that was the reason that pin meant so much to him. I never knew that story. Dad never told it and I don’t think mom even knew it. Dad had just seen the need of that man’s heart and told the Lord, “I’m on it.” My uncle was a heating and cooling man most of his life. After his death, we all began to hear stories about how he had gotten called to a church to fix the furnace but it couldn’t be fixed. It was a small church and he knew they didn’t have the money it would take to replace it. He told them he would go ahead and replace it and worry about anything else later. When he had finished, he told them “You don’t owe me anything” and got in his truck and left. Even his family didn’t know about it. He had just seen a need and said to himself, “I’m on it.” He even put a furnace in Dad’s house and told him and mom just to pay for it when they could. I don’t think he really asked them but just told them he was going to do it because he didn’t want us kids to be cold. Again, he saw a need that he could meet and just said, “I’m on it.”

I am not trying to lift up my family but those are stories that you only find out after the person dies because they never toot their own horn about them. They just saw needs and said to themselves, “I’m on it.” I started off talking about my childhood friend and neighbor Sharon Rice. She would have never told that story but I will because I appreciated it. If you remember when Mary anointed Jesus with the spikenard you probably remember that some complained about it being a waste. Some probably thought it was a kind act. Jesus said that she had anointed his body for death. She saw a need and said to herself, “I’m on it.” Do you remember how David came to fight Goliath? He didn’t go down for that purpose but rather to give food and wine and cheeses to his brothers and Saul and to find out how the fighting was going. When he heard Goliath defying God, he asked the soldiers who it was that was defying his God. He decided in himself that he couldn’t stand for that. He had his sling and decided “I’m on it.” The rest is history. Because of that one selfless act, think about how David was blessed throughout his life. His legacy stands because he saw something he could do and decided, “I’m on it.”

What about you and I? What do we do when we see a need? Do we say God bless them? Do we pray that God will send someone by to help them or do we say to ourselves, “I’m on it.” Do you realize why you are born again? There is nothing we have done to deserve salvation and mercy. When the search for a sacrifice was being made in heaven and earth and beneath the earth, Jesus saw the need for a perfect sinless sacrifice that could provide the opportunity for man to be reconciled to God. He must have said to himself and to his Father; “I’m on it.” Have a blessed day in the Lord!!!


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