WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS                                                                                                       Andy Hollifield 2-27-29

Isaiah 43:2 When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers,they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee. (KJV)

I spoke with a friend recently that has been in a place lately, that I have experienced myself a few times. Have you ever been in a place where it seemed like when it rains it pours? Another way of saying that is to quote Murphy’s law: “If anything can go wrong; it will.” I remember as a kid I bought a poster of Murphy’s Laws. I hadn’t seen them before but even as a teenager I could relate to several of them. We often get so caught up in our troubles that we fail to look at the flip side. I think pessimists are both funny and pitiful. Why in the world would anyone want to go through life looking for the bad side of everything? It’s one thing to carry on joking, but there are a lot more people than you think that believe that everybody is out to get them. They also respond in a negative way to anything that is said. I will give you an example. You tell a friend; “I will be glad to give you a ride.” The pessimist response might be, “I hope your car don’t break down. After all, it was just six months ago that it wouldn’t start wasn’t it?” That may sound ridiculous but that is a pessimist mindset. If you haven’t had any kind of car maintainance issue in the last six months, God bless you. Sometimes I think I could become ASE certified as often as I have to work on mine. I don’t sit around all worried about going anywhere because something might happen. In the winter, I make sure I have a heavy coat in the truck just in case something happens. I refuse to let fear dominate my life and control it but being prepared is just common sense.

I have seen the time when I have wanted to say “What next?” but I didn’t dare because I was afraid I would find out. I didn’t go hunker down under the bed to wait until things got better. I lived every day as if things were going to go good and if they didn’t, I dealt with it as it came. It is easy in times like those to get discouraged and develop a pessimist mindset. Do you know what Jesus would call that? Weak faith. Peter had just walked on water because of his faith until he started sinking. “And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand and caught him, and said unto him, O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt.” Don’t you think maybe that the Lord might get his feelings hurt when we don’t trust in him especially in the times when it seems like it is pouring in our world? Do you want a brief summary of Isaiah 43:2? Whatever happens, I am with you. That’s what the Lord said!  I see on Facebook a lot of times that people complain about forty-eleven things and finish with “God’s got this.” I do my share of complaining too but seriously, if we believe God’s got this, why do we gripe about it? What kind of witness are we to the lost if all they ever hear us do is to complain? I am not trying to get on anyone but either “God’s got this” or he don’t. Ask yourself this question: What kind of God am I showing the world? Are we showing them a God that is with us in our fire or flood or when it pours in our world or a God that bails out on us and waits till things get better for us and then he shows back up and walks with us? Peter may have had just a little faith, but when he started going under, he knew who to call on. I noticed something reading this that I hadn’t seen before. Peter hadn’t got to Jesus yet but when he started sinking, he found out that he was in arm’s reach for Jesus. Another thing is this, look at who caught who. Peter didn’t grab on to Jesus; Jesus caught him and they both had to walk back to the boat. I am thankful that when it rains and pours, even in my storm I am always within arms reach for Jesus. Jesus didn’t go running looking for Peter to try to help him either. He knew right where he was at because when Peter needed him, he was right there with him. He caught Peter. Peter didn’t have to rely on his own strength because he was in the storm with Jesus. He might not could have seen him or maybe couldn’t even hear him anymore over the sound of the waves. Think about this for a minute; I don’t know how far Peter had walked. This is only Andyology for you, but I believe he had got too far away from the boat and was still too far away from Jesus but yet in his time of need, Jesus caught him immediately.

I’m not going to drag this out so I will get to the point. Jesus is no respecter of persons. If he was with Peter in his storm, no matter how much it may rain or pour, he will be with me in mine. It’s a whole lot better to walk hand in hand with Jesus in the storm than to start sinking without him. Peter was saved because when he got in trouble, he called on the Lord.

It would pay us to remember Isaiah 43:2 when we face those times of “When it rains it pours.” I am not trying to minimize anyone’s problems. I am only trying to remind you that there has never been a storm that Jesus couldn’t calm. There has never been a trial that Jesus couldn’t take you out of or walk through it with you. If we will just keep that in mind when we are going through those times, then maybe when that lost person you have been praying for hits that stormy place in their life, they will want your God walking with them through theirs. If you read in Matthew 8 about the great tempest and in Mark 4 about the great storm of wind, you will find that right after Jesus rebuked the wind and waves there was also a great calm. It may be raining and pouring in your world right now, but Jesus knows right where you are because he is there with you. Just trust in him and you will see that great calm. Have a blessed day in the Lord!!!


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