ANOTHER MISSION ACCOMPLISHED                                                                                    Andy Hollifield 3-3-19

I usually try to encourage other folks and I hope this one does. Most of all, I am writing it to give thanks. Don’t take the title wrong, I am not taking credit for anything, I am just humbled to be a part of the mission I am writing about. It has been roughly three months since Yaudy came into our lives. Not able to speak english and no doubt she had to be scared out of her mind staying with strangers and asking strangers for help. As complicated as the language has made things, Yaudy, Paula, and I all downloaded spanish translators on our phones. It is sometimes time-consuming and you can’t do it while driving. We have managed by the grace of God to overcome that obstacle as well as others.

As of tomorrow, Yaudy and Hetzel will be moving in with her sister. She has become like Jacky did before her, the daughter I never had. You just want to help these young ladies and do all you can to prepare them for what life as a mother holds for them. That is why I am still amazed at how I got acquainted with Paula and Eric. I had known him years ago from going to church together but had never met Paula. She is the type that if you don’t feel comfortable around her in a matter of minutes, you must have issues. When I first spoke to her on the phone in 2017, she wound up crying praising the Lord for the way he was working things for Jacky and I was walking through Ingles wiping tears. When I went to their home the next day, it was like sitting down with an old friend.

I have seen since then that this mother of two girls and two boys and nearly 12 grandkids is the perfect fit for the girls that come across our path. Although Eric and Paula have had the devil wage war on them at times since they stepped out on faith in obedience to God’s will, they have also experienced an extra measure of the grace of God at different times. This year it was a broken arm and surgery for Eric putting him out of work for several weeks right after they took Yaudy in. They will tell you right quick that God’s grace is always sufficient. I have got to see their entire family take these girls in and make them part of the family. Only God could have orchestrated all of this the way it has turned out.

On a more personal note, I have got two wonderful grandsons that I wouldn’t have otherwise had. I was worried with Hetzel that I wouldn’t be able to love him like I do my number one grandson Sam. I found out when Hetzel was born that God just doubled the size of my heart so I could love both of them the same. I even wondered how it would be since they weren’t grandsons by blood. I have come to the conclusion that I can’t imagine loving grandchildren of my own any more than I love these two little fellers. Sam just had his first haircut and Hetzel won’t be far behind him. Both of them were born with a headful and while Sam had more of the baby features, Hetzel looks like a minature little man. Sam is wide open all the time unless he is sick and Hetzel don’t get too excited about anything so far. It is a fun time in my life just getting to be around both of them as much as I am. If you see me out anywhere, just like any other grandparent, I do have pictures and I will be all too proud to show them to you. If you don’t want to hear me brag about my boys and their mommas, you better not mention anything about a baby.

It has been my privilege to watch as these young ladies, both of whom thought they were alone due to their situations, assimilate into a big extended family that they will likely never be able to get rid of. It is amazing how in just a split second, you can fall in love with a kid that has just been born. With Tyler now being almost 22, it has been that many years since I experienced that except for nieces and nephews. We have all had some issues to overcome from different languages, customs, cultures, and ideas but as a family we have worked through all of that by the grace of God. I have to tell you how much Paula’s heart is into the ministry that God has placed her in. In the eight months since Jacky and Sam had moved out, Paula has texted or called several times and said, “I’m ready for another one.” The first time I asked, “Another what?” She responded “Another pregnant girl, I’m rested up and ready.” As a matter of fact, when Jacky called me about Yaudy, it hadn’t even dawned on her to call Paula. When she told me the situation and asked if maybe I could find Yaudy a temporary home, I told her to let me make some calls and get back to her. I already knew that I was going to call Paula. When I called her about two o’clock that Saturday afternoon, I asked her, “Do you want another one?” She said “Another what?” I said “Another pregnant girl.” She almost shrieked with joy and told me that she had prayed at around nine o’clock that morning and asked God if he would send another one. That was five hours earlier and five in the bible always speaks of grace. She said that God had answered and told her to get the room ready. That is how grace works when we are obedient to him.

Well, I won’t keep you any longer but I wanted to give you an inside look at how these two huge little blessings and their moms have come into our lives. Please pray for Yaudy and Hetzel as they start life somewhat on their own. Continue to remember to pray for Sam and Jacky. As single mothers Yaudy and Jacky have their work cut out for them. That is why I am thankful that both of them have chosen to allow all of us to continue to be a part of their lives. It started out just as being obedient to the Lord but quickly became a labor of love. If God wanted all of us, to fall in love with these boys and their mommas; another mission accomplished! Have a blessed day in the Lord!!!


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