IT ONLY COST A DIME                                                                                                                   Andy Hollifield 3-14-19

Sorry, but I couldn’t narrow this down to one scripture. You know how sometimes you hear a story that just blesses you. Well I heard one Wednesday at church. A lady was talking at church about how God can bless us and answer prayer just so we know it is from him. You don’t have to believe what I am about to write, but if you have any experience with the Lord; you shouldn’t have a problem with it. This is a story about this lady, her niece I believe, and the niece’s son.

This lady was feeling especially down spiritually one day. She had apparently endured some rough circumstances in her life recently and had seemingly just almost lost hope. As she walked one day while talking to the Lord she made a request to him. She prayed “Lord, if you are still with me and going to help me, let me find a dime. Not a nickel or a penny, just let me find a dime.” She walked on a little further and something caught her eye. She looked down and sure enough, there was a dime. Of course business picked up in her soul. Her circumstances probably didn’t change immediately but she had faith in her Lord and he had answered her in his own special way as she requested. You may think that these things don’t really happen. Maybe you don’t have her faith and they just don’t happen for you because you never ask God for anything. In Judges 6:36-40, Gideon asked God to let a fleece be wet one night and the ground dry and the next night for the fleece to be dry and the ground wet. Verse 40 sums up the answer with one statement: “And God did so that night…” This lady continued to find and collect dimes apparently for the rest of her life.

Sometime after her mom’s death, this lady’s daughter went to the beach. I don’t know if she had been praying or not, but as she sat down and dug her toes into the sand she felt something. She leaned forward and dug around and pulled a dime out of the sand. A moment later as she dug her toes into the sand on the other foot, again she felt something. Sure enough, another dime. This was most likely a great comfort for the bereaved daughter as she took it as a sign that God was also with her as he had been with her mom. Sometime later her son was somewhere and looked down and there on the ground, he found a dime. Just as his grandma had found dimes from the Lord, his mom had and now he had his very own. He took a picture and sent it to his mom who I am sure greatly rejoiced over it.

That may sound silly to you but if you have ever been in that dark place and sought the Lord in it, you know he makes himself known to you in whatever way is needed to help you. From grandma to daughter to grandson, this family was blessed for years just because grandma had sought God for comfort and assurance in a dark valley. Throughout the bible, prophets have called down fire from heaven, asked for enemies to be blinded, parted rivers and seas, and a whole book full of other things. If God would do all of that for them, why wouldn’t he answer this grandma’s prayer and give comfort? After all; it only cost a dime. Have a blessed day in the Lord!!!


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