WHAT NO ONE ELSE CAN DO                                                                                                   Andy Hollifield 3-15-19

Judges 6:40 And God did so that night: for it was dry upon the fleece only, and there was dew on all the ground. (KJV)

“God; if you can do this I will believe.”  How many of us have ever said that to the Lord or at least thought it in our mind? Sometimes we look for God to do the incredible just to convince us. Genesis 18:14 says, “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” It has always amazed me the things that God did that defied physics, gravity, and logic and Christ did plenty of them in his earthly ministry also. Let us look at a few of them and we will begin in Judges chapter 6.

We have read all our lives about the fleece of Gideon but that is just the beginning of incredible things God did in Gideon’s life. Just to highlight a few let me start by saying just the idea that God could take a timid farmer and make him a conquering soldier and leader of men is pretty incredible in itself. Then before he went to battle, God encouraged him with a bad dream from an enemy soldier. Just the fact that God was sending 300 men into battle against an army that was described as grasshoppers for multitude was incredible enough. The fact he was able to encourage Gideon about it is also a real accomplishment and the fact that they utterly destroyed their enemy; well that is just beyond comprehension.

In Daniel chapter 3, God has three men that are full of faith to the point of being willing to sacrifice their lives to stand for the Lord. In verse 16, they told the king in so many words, “We don’t even have to think about it, we’re not bowing to your false gods.” For God to give someone that much grit and grace just defies logic completely. They made their stand with the promise from the king that it would result in their death. The furnace they were to be cast into was heated seven times hotter than it had ever been before. You know I have often thought that, maybe like in Gideon’s case, conditions weren’t yet extreme enough for man to only give God the glory. He didn’t just want Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego to survive, by going through the fire he was going to make them thrive and be even greater witnesses for him. It was so hot that the keepers that threw them into the furnace died. Yet moments later when the king looked in he saw four men loose, unhurt, and walking around. He said the fourth was like the Son of God. Now, how could he have known that since Christ wouldn’t appear in the world in the flesh for several hundred more years? God always fixes things to where no one can steal his thunder so to speak. If that wasn’t incredible enough, when they survived and the king had them brought out of the fire, they didn’t even smell like smoke. That may sound like a simple thing but you spend your time building a fire and see if you can do it without smelling like smoke. God brought more glory to himself because he slew the accusers and glorified his faithful servants and the whole city believed their God.

In Daniel 6 God made hungry lions docile while Daniel spent the night with them. Just to prove how hungry they were, the next morning the accusers were thrown in and the lions had mastery of them. No one else can shut the mouths of lions except God.

In 1 Samuel 17 what are really the odds that a young shepherd with a sling and a rock could kill a nine and a half-foot tall giant that was a seasoned soldier? In 1 Kings 18, Elijah called fire down from God with a short 63 word prayer. Not only was that amazing, but before he did that he repeatedly soaked his sacrifice with water. Not only did the fire consume a drenched sacrifice and soak up the water, it even burned up the stones of the altar and reduced them to ashes.  Have you ever outran a horse and chariot like Elijah did? What are the odds of that happening?

Time would fail me to elaborate on the parting of the red sea and the Jordan River and the nation of Israel walking through them on dry ground. Also, have you ever had clothes and shoes that lasted you for forty years? The Israelites did. Have you ever walked on the water like Peter did?  Have you ever raised the dead? Jesus did. Have you ever touched blind eyes and made them see or deaf ears and made them hear? Jesus did that too. He even touched people with the fatal flesh-eating disease of leprosy and made their skin whole again. Who else do you know that has ever done that?

My point is this; God excels in the impossible. Gravity, physics, and logic are only words to him, not obstacles. So what is it that keeps us so defeated and worrying about whether or not God can handle something in our lives? God specializes in what no one else can do. Have a blessed day in the Lord!!!


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