WILL YOUR BOAT FLOAT?                                                                                                            Andy Hollifield 2-26-17

Genesis 6:8 But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. (9) These are the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God.

Think about those two verses. That is a complement of the highest order. The creator of the entire universe has decided that the human race as a whole has become greatly wicked and that “every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.”(Genesis 6:5) So much so that it caused God to regret that he had made man to begin with. Now keep in mind that God knows all things and always has and he knew in the beginning how man would turn out and that he would have regrets but he made man anyway. But now consider this; out of the entire population present on the earth, God himself sees you as being righteous enough that he wants to give you the job of repopulating the planet. Just you and your family. That is the position that Noah found himself in. Now think about this; God tells you to build a gigantic boat. Your first thought and maybe even a question is “a what”. See, up to that point a boat or ark hadn’t even been mentioned in the bible. It is very possible that not only was the ark a big boat, but it may have been the first boat ever made. I can’t say for sure.

God had told Noah his plans and given him a plan for the boat. He had even told him what animals and how many to take with him. He had even made a covenant with Noah to preserve him. Keep in mind that the covenant up to this point had only been made with Noah and God had not yet made a covenant with his sons. He, up till now, only included them and their wives based on Noah’s righteousness. There was nothing ever said about how the boys lived. Now we have to assume that since God preserved them also, that they had to live a lot like their father. Even in Genesis 7:1 when God tells them to come into the ark with all his house, he says “for THEE have I seen righteous before me in this generation.” Not anyone else but Noah. I also like verse 1 because it says God said “come” into the ark, not go. That tells me God was already in there before they got there. Another interesting fact is that the bible doesn’t say that Noah had help building the ark. It is likely that his boys may have helped and he may have even hired some help. Can you imagine that? Here is an old man out in the middle of a field and starts working on a structure. Folks probably walked by and asked what he was doing. In the book of 2 Peter 2:5, Peter called Noah “a preacher of righteousness” so we know he was telling them of the coming destruction. He probably sounded pretty outlandish because up till this point there had not been rain. According to Genesis 2:6 mist came up out of the ground and watered the earth. It must have been quite a shock for his neighbors to see him out in the field building this 510 foot long boat that was 85 feet wide and 51 feet high on dry ground and talking about a coming flood when no one even knew what a boat or rain was.

I don’t want to dwell a whole lot on the animals except to say that when the ark was ready, God started bringing them in. The other interesting thing is that God made all the animals subject and fearful of Noah. At least when they left the ark in chapter 9 God put a fear and dread of man upon them. Noah also had to gather and load food not only for his family but also for every animal that was on board. The amazing thing is that he had enough for the whole journey.

Here is the part I want to get to; just suppose you are Noah’s sons and your dad comes to you and tells you about this strange conversation he had with God. He then tells you all about the flood and what God wants him to do. When he asks for your help in this bizarre undertaking, what do you say? You know your dad is going to be mocked and ridiculed while he is working on this, but will you help? Has your dad lived a life in front of you that makes you know that he has his trust in God and that God truly is directing his actions? Or has he lived just halfway devoted to the point where you just say “you are on your own with this one dad?” To make a long story short, somewhere between 150 and 244 days later, they went forth out of the ark. The first thing Noah done was to build an altar. God then made a covenant in chapter 9 with Noah, his family, and all living things on the earth. It is worth pointing our that the bible never records Noah saying anything until chapter 9 when he pronounced a curse upon Ham.

Now for the question of the day; in this situation, what would your family do if you were the one the Lord had chosen? Have you lived a life for God to where your family would just pick up a saw and hammer and ask you where you wanted them to start? Or would they think it was just another hair-brained scheme that you would soon abandon? Would they say you were just a crazy old man or woman and try to have you committed? It’s something to think about isn’t it? Are you living and conducting yourself in a way that your children and friends and neighbors will be pleasing to God if they follow in your footsteps? Or would they remember how you let everything else hinder you in your worship and work for the Lord? Would they remember your record and service to God as having priority or just something you pencilled in if you had time? Are you walking in a way that God could pick you? Would everyone you know follow you or would you simply get laughed at? Would you be working by yourself or would your family help you? In short, if someone’s life depended on it, will your boat float? I heard that question in Sunday School last week. Will your boat float? Have a blessed day in the Lord!!!


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