NO SUBSTITUTE FOR GOOD PEOPLE                                                                                       Andy Hollifield 3-25-19

Do you realize that in the time it takes to have a baby it will be Christmas again? Just thought I would share that with you. Mark your calendars, it’s only nine months away. Well, since I have your attention now, I will get on into what I really want to talk about. I have had a really good weekend altogether. As always, any weekend that our ministry has a project is a little hectic. There are always some disappointing things that happen and the devil is always around to fight you and this year was no exception. We wound up without any speakers this year and our barbecue supplier charged an outrageous price for pork and beans that were supposed to have been baked beans. Some people we had thought were coming to our Baskets and Blessings event were unable to come. But God always provides enough and he did it again this year. You just can’t beat people who are willing to give their time on a Saturday morning to work for the benefit of others with nothing to gain for themselves except the blessings of God. The Lord has blessed us with a bunch of people who are dedicated to the service of the Lord and believe in our ministry. It is always a humbling experience to do one of our projects and be reminded that God has an abundance of good folks. Just like God told Elijah; not everyone has bowed to Baal. He always has some left.

As appreciative as I am for all of the folks that came Saturday, I am equally appreciative of the folks I met with on Sunday. I had the privilege to preach at Brush Creek Chapel Baptist Church in Fairview on Sunday night to another bunch of incredible people. They are one of our supporting churches and their youth had assembled 50 Easter baskets for us last weekend so I picked them up on Sunday. As usual, I had a loading crew to help load the van. The same kids that had assembled them also came out to help load them. On top of that, I thoroughly enjoyed preaching about the “Infallible Truths” that Christ provided after his resurrection. What a comfort to know that not only do we have good unchangeable doctrine, but we also have the proof in his word to back up the things that it says.

Not only did I get to be in service with my friends at Brush Creek, but I also got to meet with some relatively new friends after church. My friend Ryan, a children’s missionary from Tennessee, was able to come over yesterday afternoon to visit. He came to meet with Barb Mains from Help 4 Kids in Myrtle Beach. Her and her assistant Maria came up for the weekend to see Barb’s sister Wanda and niece Donna from Help 4 Kids in Swannanoa. I was the only one of our crowd that had actually met Ryan before even though the others had spoken with him on the phone. They had met around five o’clock and after church I went to meet with them. They were still sitting there swapping stories as people in Christian ministry are prone to do. It was one of those situations where even though they had only talked with Ryan on the phone, it was like a group of old friends sitting around enjoying each others company. We all talked about the upcoming work we are planning to do and how much the Lord has blessed us and how grateful we are to be able to be a part of the work we are in. It was only a year ago the end of this month that I met the folks from Help 4 Kids and I have met Ryan and Diane in Sneedville through them. Diane also works to help the people in Hancock county Tennessee which is the poorest county in the state. What a blessing it has been to get to know all of them and see the heart that other people have for serving the Lord by helping others.

I guess really I didn’t have much to say today except to thank God for all of the good people in my life. This is by no means all of them but it is such a great blessing to be around so many of them in one weekend. From spending my Saturday morning with some of my board members and folks from our supporting churches, to being in service at one of my supporting churches; God is good. One of the blessings of being with them is the fact that I preached in a meeting years ago with the pastors dad and have got to see over the last few years the great way God is using his son and his family in ministry. It is always an honor to be able to hear his wife and daughters sing in church.

Sometimes it just does our heart good if we not only count our blessings but also count the people in our lives that are blessings to us. God has given me a lot of good friends throughout my years of ministry and it helps to be reminded from time to time of just how blessed I am. There really is no substitute for good people. Have a blessed day in the Lord!!!


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