THE LOOK                                                                                                                                      Andy Hollifield 4-9-19

Luke 22:61 And the Lord turned, and looked upon Peter. And Peter remembered the word of the Lord, how he had said unto him, Before the cock crow, thou shalt deny me thrice.  (KJV)

Some of the gospels record that Peter “went out and wept bitterly.” All four mention that Jesus had told Peter he would deny him thrice. But, only Luke records that Jesus turned and looked at Peter when the cock crowed. That look brought to Peter’s mind immediately that the Lord had told him that he would deny him three times before the cock crowed.

How many of us remember “the look.” Those of us that were raised with discipline can remember all too well “the look.” The look from our parents always signified the same thing to us as it did to Peter and even more. It served to remind us that we had already been told what would happen if committed a certain act or misbehaved. That look was always personal and the meaning was usually known only to the person that it was directed toward and others that were close in affiliation to that person. Growing up, all four of us were raised the same way with the same standards and expectations as far as our behavior. If one of us did something contrary to our upbringing, we often got the look. The look was more common in public than at home. At home, what needed to be said could be usually was but even there, the look was used. If we saw “the look” we all knew what it meant. Most of the time it was a serious warning that meant, in my dad’s words, “Cease and desist.” He didn’t use that term often but when he did, we knew to respond accordingly.

We’re all pretty bad to berate Peter for his denials but how often have we done something that deserved “the look?” We know how to behave and it is even more critical that we do in public. When there are others around and we “misbehave” as Christians, we bring a reproach, or embarrass the Lord because he has taught us better. Only those that know the Lord’s instructions know when we do something that is deserving of the look.

“The look” is an acknowledgement of our wrongdoing and also a warning not to continue our present behavior. I am thankful that, like my parents, God often lets us be convicted by our own hearts and minds and follows “the look” with more instruction. But like Peter, “the look” is often followed by forgiveness and mercy. Our duty to the Lord is the same as it was and is to our parents: behave in a way that makes him proud and is indicative of the upbringing we have had. Have a blessed day in the Lord!!!


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