IF NOBODY PRAYED                                                                                                                      Andy Hollifield 4-14-19

Daniel 10:12 Then he said unto me, Fear not, Daniel: for from the first day thou didst set thine heart to understand, and to chasten thyself before thy God, thy words were heard, and I am come for thy words.

Did you catch the last sentence? “I am come for thy words.” What do you think would have happened had Daniel not have prayed? In chapter nine, he had just seen the vision of the seventy weeks which were an outline of what would happen to Israel in the latter days. He mourned after seeing this for three full weeks even fasting and praying for his people. He understood what it all meant at least to a point and that is why the angel came. He was to make him understand the vision and that it was for a long time away. There were other men with Daniel but only he saw the angel and the vision. Why do you think that was? I believe it was because he was the one that got serious with God concerning his people. He was weak from fasting and praying after twenty-one days but the angel came and strengthened him. Without trying to get too deep, I believe that Daniels persistence in prayer, concern for his people, and willingness to be used by God is why the angel was hindered so hard getting to him. If Satan would have been able to discourage Daniel and make him quit, look at all of the scripture and history we would have missed out on. How would he have wound up if he hadn’t prayed?

The story of Lazarus death in John 11 is a really good example of Christian persistence. It demonstrates that sometimes what we want from the Lord may be far less than what he wants for us. Just think if Mary and Martha had of gotten what they asked for. They sent for Jesus to come because Lazarus was sick and they wanted him healed. Jesus tarried where he was for two more days. Verse four of the chapter tells in a round-about way that God had something more in mind for them. Nothing is said about a multitude being present at Lazarus’ house when his sisters sent for Jesus. On the other hand, two days had passed and they were on the third day when Jesus arrived. By then, Lazarus had been dead four days without question, possibly having died the same day they sent for Jesus. To add to the assurance of his death, Martha advised Jesus that after being dead four days, Lazarus’ body would be stinking. This just added one more layer of impossibility for the Lord to overcome. After four days of being dead, it would no doubt be a miracle for Lazarus to ever live again. If you notice in the stories of many of the patriarchs, God fixed things in a way that there could be no other answer but him and no one else could possibly take credit for what he had done. He could have come and healed Lazarus in his sickness but then who would have known? People recover all the time but it’s not every day you see someone raised from the dead. Lazarus become pretty well-known after he had been resurrected. God definitely had a lot more of a story for them than just being healed. What if nobody had sought the Lord? In your situation, what if God has written you a better story than what you’re asking for?

Gideon was a man like probably a lot of us. When first called upon by the Lord, he made every excuse he could come up with, from his occupation and his upbringing to his family’s social standing, as to why he couldn’t do the task at hand. God talked to on several occasions concerning the number of his soldiers. Each time, Gideon went away disappointed because instead of getting what he wanted, he always got less. Have you ever thought about when it was that he actually got willing to do what God had for him? He had suffered disappointment more than once. It wasn’t until he had been all the way to the edge of the enemy’s camp and heard the story of the enemy that he returned to his men, finally willing to take what God had for him. God made it so impossible that man couldn’t accomplish it. But God could and would deliver against impossible odds. There was no mistaking that God delivered in that battle. We may wind up on the edge of utter impossibility in our situation before we get willing to accept what God has for us. In Gideon’s case, what if nobody prayed? What if he hadn’t of sought God? It wouldn’t be much of a story would it? What about in your case? What kind of story would it be if God just took your advice and settled everything how you wanted it? It probably wouldn’t be much of a story would it? But, alone in the darkness the night before the battle, God will give you what he wants you to have and it will always be far better than you could have ever imagined. It has to be better because God’s ways and thoughts are higher than ours because he “is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think.” But he does it “according to the power that worketh in us” (Ephesians 3 20). He will come for our words just as he did for all of these that called on him. But what if nobody prays? Have a blessed day in the Lord!!!



ALL THINGS                                                                                                                                  Andy Hollifield 4-10-19

Mark 7:37 And were beyond measure astonished, saying, He hath done all things well…(KJV)

I can remember a time close to thirty years ago when God let this verse really ring up on me while I was preaching. I hadn’t started out with it as my message but God made it real and preached it to my soul while I was preaching. It is times like that, when he comes on the scene, that makes you remember a verse for thirty years.

Why do we get so astonished when God does exactly what he said he will do? We often talk about how God amazes us with the things he does. Why is that? Why should we be amazed? In Mark 9:23 Jesus told the distraught father of the possessed boy, “If thou canst believe, ALL THINGS are possible to him that believeth.” Luke 9:43 begins “And they were all amazed at the mighty power of God.” They were referring to the things which Jesus did. He called the devils out of this same child as in Mark 9:23. He then healed him from where the devils had ravaged him and left him for dead on their way out, and he then delivered him to his father. After all they had seen God do throughout the history of Israel, they should be the last to be amazed. It was for them God parted the Red Sea and the Jordan River and let them all cross on dry land while he held back the water. It was for them the Messiah had come and for them he would later go to the cross. It was only back in Mark 7 they were declaring “He hath done ALL THINGS well” when he healed the blind and deaf. But still when he did something, they were amazed.

I am not pointing fingers but confessing my faults. I have been involved in a situation doing the Lord’s work that resulted in law enforcement being involved and asking me to leave where I was. Of course I left but had to return later for some furniture for someone. This also had to be done with the presence of law enforcement, this time at my request. After leaving that home, I began to think on my way home about how this wasn’t how I figured things would go. In my mind, when we began helping this person, it was supposed to be a quick and relatively easy process and then everyone would go on their merry little way. Needless to say that didn’t happen. I began to ask God “How can we start out trying to do good and wind up in this situation?” Knowing that “with God, ALL THINGS are possible, I still began to doubt. Seeing all that I have seen him do throughout my history, I still doubted. Sometimes, what we see in front of us doesn’t look anything like the end result will when God is finished doing his work.

Romans 8:28 gives us this promise; “And we know that ALL THINGS work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” I love this verse because there is so much promise and answers in it. First, it says “We Know.” We don’t have to wonder about anything that goes on in our lives because we know ALL THINGS, good and bad, work together for good to us when we are honoring our call to accomplish his purpose. Even in the bad things that come, we have the assurance they will work to our benefit. John 1:3 says that “ALL THINGS were made by him. ” John 3:35 says that God gave ALL THINGS into Jesus’ hands. John 4:25 says “When he is come, he will tell us ALL THINGS.” John 4:29 says he knows ALL THINGS that we ever did. Acts 13:39 says, “And by him all that believe are justified from ALL THINGS…” Romans 8:32 asks the question that if God gave us his own Son to be sacrificed for us, “How shall he not with him also freely give us ALL THINGS?” 1st Corinthians tells us “He hath put ALL THINGS” under his feet.” Ephesians 1:22 tells us he “Worketh ALL THINGS after the counsel of his will.” Ephesians 5:20 tells us to give “Thanks for ALL THINGS.” 1 Thessalonians tells us “In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”

I haven’t really got off of my story yet. The point is that whatever you might be going through at the minute, you will come out better because of it somewhere down the road. As for my story; as bad as everything was looking and as frustrating as it was and looking impossible to be fixed; one phone call set everything in motion for a favorable outcome. It is looking even better than I even imagined that it could. He truly has “Done ALL THINGS well.  After all, his thoughts and ways are higher than ours. God is always working ALL THINGS for our maximum benefit at all times. Have a blessed day in the Lord!!!



THE LOOK                                                                                                                                      Andy Hollifield 4-9-19

Luke 22:61 And the Lord turned, and looked upon Peter. And Peter remembered the word of the Lord, how he had said unto him, Before the cock crow, thou shalt deny me thrice.  (KJV)

Some of the gospels record that Peter “went out and wept bitterly.” All four mention that Jesus had told Peter he would deny him thrice. But, only Luke records that Jesus turned and looked at Peter when the cock crowed. That look brought to Peter’s mind immediately that the Lord had told him that he would deny him three times before the cock crowed.

How many of us remember “the look.” Those of us that were raised with discipline can remember all too well “the look.” The look from our parents always signified the same thing to us as it did to Peter and even more. It served to remind us that we had already been told what would happen if committed a certain act or misbehaved. That look was always personal and the meaning was usually known only to the person that it was directed toward and others that were close in affiliation to that person. Growing up, all four of us were raised the same way with the same standards and expectations as far as our behavior. If one of us did something contrary to our upbringing, we often got the look. The look was more common in public than at home. At home, what needed to be said could be usually was but even there, the look was used. If we saw “the look” we all knew what it meant. Most of the time it was a serious warning that meant, in my dad’s words, “Cease and desist.” He didn’t use that term often but when he did, we knew to respond accordingly.

We’re all pretty bad to berate Peter for his denials but how often have we done something that deserved “the look?” We know how to behave and it is even more critical that we do in public. When there are others around and we “misbehave” as Christians, we bring a reproach, or embarrass the Lord because he has taught us better. Only those that know the Lord’s instructions know when we do something that is deserving of the look.

“The look” is an acknowledgement of our wrongdoing and also a warning not to continue our present behavior. I am thankful that, like my parents, God often lets us be convicted by our own hearts and minds and follows “the look” with more instruction. But like Peter, “the look” is often followed by forgiveness and mercy. Our duty to the Lord is the same as it was and is to our parents: behave in a way that makes him proud and is indicative of the upbringing we have had. Have a blessed day in the Lord!!!



A LONG WAY BACKWARDS                                                                                                         Andy Hollifield 4-8-19

Sometimes, when I have too much time on my hands, I sit and think about how things used to be. In the pre cell phone and pre internet days, I remember going to grandma’s for Sunday dinner after church used to be a regular occurrence in my younger years. As a teen and in my early twenties, I remember going there sometimes just to see who all had come to her house. Quite often we would have so many that some of us would wind up passing the afternoon out on the porch swapping stories. I didn’t really think much about it at the time because that is just the way things were. Now, many of us only see each other once a year at a family reunion if then. I’m not exactly sure when or why it stopped but it is one of those things that always brings a smile when remembered.

I was raised, in my early years, on Upper Herron Cove Road in Weaverville. It was a dirt road back in the seventies and we all wished that the state would hurry up and pave it. Little did we know back then that dirt wasn’t the only thing that would be left behind, but also a way of life we had all known. When I was growing up we knew everyone on the road from the stop sign all the way to Elk Mountain Scenic Highway. I can still remember Wayne and Curt Hamilton coming down to Uncle Carl’s house where we lived and bringing two puppies. They gave them to me and Jim. I named mine Traveler and he was solid black and a thoroughbred mutt. Jim’s was named Ranger. He was a pretty little brown and white mutt. Back in those days, pets were loved and cared for but not worshipped. The thoughts of having a dog in the house was absolutely ridiculous in my early days. Getting my first dog was just one of the great memories of my childhood.

There were other firsts in my life that happened there in the cove. Stuff like playing in the old barn and jumping out of the hayloft. Making swings in the barn out of bailing rope because that was all we had. I can still remember laying down on the two by twelve board that we used as a bridge to cross the creek, with a stick in my hand putting it down into the water and catching a crawfish. I didn’t really catch him, he just latched onto the stick because I kept pestering him with it. I was so proud that I had caught something out of the creek. I am using the term creek pretty loosely. It wasn’t really much more than just a branch about two feet wide and even less in places and not much more than ankle-deep for the most part.

I also remember my Uncle Bud bringing me and Jim our first bicycle. It was a red Schwinn one speed. However fast you pedaled, that was your one speed. Gears on a bicycle was another one of those things that was kind of a ridiculous thought. At least it was to us back in the early seventies. I painfully think back to a day, shortly after Bud and Aunt Vicky took us to Ghost Town in Maggie Valley, putting on my green straw cowboy hat and cap pistol. Dad and Bud were standing in the driveway and I wanted to show them how fast I could ride my horse and shoot. I shot alright. While looking back to make sure they were watching, I should have been watching what I was doing. I shot right into the briar patch behind the old chicken coops. There was only one way in and one way out; through the briars. Once they figured out I wasn’t injured, they got a really good laugh out of it. I failed to see the humor in it at the time. I was to busy picking briars out of my hide to see anything funny about it.

One of my fondest memories of my childhood was riding the city bus to Asheville on Saturday mornings. I know I have written about most of this stuff before but when you just need something to help you ease your mind, there is nothing quite like a trip down memory lane. My Aunt Jeanie used to take me and Jim to town to see a Disney movie at the Plaza theatre. We always went into the pet store and played with the puppies and then to Mr Bill’s photo shop. A lot of times it was just to visit because he loved kids so much. I never knew how Aunt Jeanie knew him but he was a pleasant older fellow that was kind of what I imagined a grandpa was like. We would always eat at the Mediterranean Restaurant. I didn’t even know what the word Mediterranean meant back then. All I knew was that they had good cheeseburgers and fries. We would also go to Woolworth’s downtown and get a new Hotwheel car for I think about 69 cents and it may have been just a quarter. After that, we would walk to the theatre and watch either the eleven o’clock showing or the one o’clock showing of whatever Disney movie was new at the time. Then there was nothing left but either calling Gene at Bluebird Taxi or if it wasn’t too late, catching the afternoon bus back to Stoney Knob supermarket in Weaverville where we would call dad to come and get us.

Boy, it is funny some of the things that don’t really amount to much that wind up making precious memories that last a lifetime. Like most folks, I have a million of them. I am thankful I grew up in a time when the only electronics we had were the kitchen radio, always tuned to WWNC, dad’s stereo, and the black and white TV. It was a time when a boy could drive a truck at five years old or be a cowboy or fireman or anything else he wanted to be in his mind. It was a time when your imagination could take you anywhere you wanted to go and you could do anything you wanted to do. Sometimes, when I think back about those days, not only does it bring a smile, but it makes me wonder if we haven’t come a long way…backwards. Have a blessed day in the Lord!!!



HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME                                                                                                            Andy Hollifield 4-7-19

Don’t let the title fool you, I am not that conceited. But to be honest, I love birthdays. I want to collect as many of them as the good Lord will let me have before I depart this life. I am thankful for every day of my 54 years. There are some days I would like to do over and some that I could have done without the events that took place. Even the worst of days, I am still glad I had them.

I have heard folks talk about how hard it is to get old and in a lot of ways it is. I am still relatively young but I hurt sometimes in places I didn’t know I had. Getting older is truly the golden years; it takes all the gold you can come up with to survive. The difference between the younger years and the golden years is where you spend your money. In your younger years it is high dollar rooms and expensive vacations in the finest hotels. It is also all kinds of things, such as boats, campers, nice wheels, and summer homes to aid you in living the good life. It is also paying big money for tickets to see big stars in music, sports, television and movies.

In the golden years, it is high dollar rooms and expensive stays in the finest hospitals. There are still all kinds of things, such as nice wheelchairs, eyeglasses, joint replacements, walkers, and nursing homes to aid you in living the old life. You still get to pay big money to see certain people perform. Medical specialist, therapist, surgeons, pharmacist, and the list goes on.

All joking aside, believe me I am not complaining. There are those who might think I should take things more serious; but why? The end result is going to be the same whether we laugh our way through life enjoying the journey or worry our way through life living in fear of what might happen next. There isn’t but so much we can do to change most of it anyway. I have read a prayer that says something like this: “God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference.” That was written by Reinhold Niebuhr (1892-1971). It was used in his sermons in Heath, Mass. as early as 1934. There have been a lot of things in my life that I still don’t understand why they happened the way they did. Others, I have seen the way God has used them to bless myself and others even though they weren’t comfortable at all at the time. I just have to take Romans 8:28 by faith when Paul said, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” All things good and bad, for his purpose, not mine.

Looking back on 54 years of living, I have to say I have enjoyed my life and still do. When you have been where I have been with my health you realize that living is not something to take for granted. There are no guarantees. I have taken medicine every day of my life since October 6, 1983. I used to say I wouldn’t want to live if I had to depend on medicine to do it. That was a stupid statement from a young man with more mouth than brains at the time. Now I am older, experienced, and somewhat wiser and I happily pop those pills in twice a day and thank God for them. I remember times when paying for them was a serious issue so I am thrilled to have them. God has been good and still is. When it comes to birthdays, I will take all I can get. There has not been one day in my life that I can look back and say, “I would have just as soon died that day.” I’ve seen some rough days but I have also experienced plenty of grace to get through them.

As of 6:57 PM on Saturday, I have been on this earth 19,723 days including leap years. I am thankful for each of them and will take that many more if I can get them and the rapture don’t happen before then. If it does, I will be living eternally in a new body in a place where there are no years or days.

I am thankful for all of my friends and most of my acquaintances. I am also thankful for the ministry God has blessed me to do and the folks I have met and the places I have been. I am also thankful for the internet and Facebook. Because of it, I have got to share my birthday with each of you. I am rich beyond measure and today truly has been a HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. Have a blessed day in the Lord!!!



IT COULD ALWAYS BE WORSE                                                                                                 Andy Hollifield 4-6-19

According to the World Health Organization about 153, 424 people die each day. Of course it changes from day-to-day. There is good news pertaining to that though; if you are reading this, you weren’t among them. The National Center for Health Statistics data shows that out of 323.13 million people in the United States (2016), more than 7708 die each day on average. Today wasn’t your day. According to the HUD Annual Homeless Assessment Report in 2017, there were around 554,000 people homeless on a given night in this country. The chances are pretty good that if you are seeing this right now, you probably weren’t among them. Also according to Answers.com, in the US around 3000 people got to jail every day. Hopefully, you won’t be among them today and you most likely weren’t yesterday. Answers also say that on average 95,890 people check into a hospital each day. Hopefully this number didn’t include you yesterday and if it did, it could always be worse. You could have been among the 7708 that died in the US yesterday. There are said to be around 6,420,000 traffic accidents in a year in the US and out of these there are 2.9 million people injured and 42,700 deaths. According to Feeding America, 12 million children in the United States face hunger every day. They go on to say that in America, 1 in 6 children may not know where their next meal is coming from.

I know that is a lot of numbers but my question is this: Were you included in any of them? If you weren’t, you have plenty to be thankful for. A lot of times if we aren’t careful, we will begin to talk ourselves into being a victim of some bad circumstance. That only serves to discredit our God and make him look weak like he can’t provide for us. How are we going to turn anyone to Christ if we portray him in that manner? The simple fact is that we aren’t likely to. Some of my favorite sayings when someone asks me how im doing is to say “I woke up on the topside of the dirt so I am better than a lot of people.” I also like to say, “My eyes popped upon this morning and my feet hit the floor under my own power so I can’t complain.”

Do you get my point? If you didn’t find yourselves in any of the stats I listed, then you are far better off than a lot of people. So today, when you start to complain about something, just ask yourself if it’s really that bad. We should develop an attitude of gratitude and give God the glory for all he has given us. I hope this has been an eye-opener and a blessing. With every storm cloud, there is always a silver lining. Sometimes, you just have to look for it. It could always be worse.  Have a blessed day in the Lord!!!



WHAT FAITH CAN DO                                                                                                                   Andy Hollifield 4-5-19

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

I haven’t asked permission from my friend to use any of these stories you are about to read. But I know him well enough to know that if it can encourage someone, he would want it told. I will call my friend Joey just for the purposes of privacy. If you met Joey, you would not immediately think of him as a great warrior of the faith or a preacher. He is like me; he doesn’t look the part. He comes across as someone who has never met a stranger and someone you think you could spend the day fishing with and shooting the bull. The first day I met him, my family and I had lunch with him and spent about two and a half hours I guess, swapping missionary “God Stories” as I like to call them. I want to share some of them with you because I have no doubt whatsoever about their validity because Joey is one of the most humble, unassuming people you could ever hope to meet. He doesn’t put on airs for anyone but impresses everyone that takes time to get to know him. If you asked him how he would like to be known by others, I am sure he wouldn’t say as a great pastor, but from speaking with some of his church members, I can tell that they consider him as just that. He would be the very last to consider himself as a great missionary, but I am sure there are hundreds of kids and families in his area as well as school teachers and administrators, that would beg to differ with his opinion of himself. My guess would be, based on the considerable amount of time I have spent talking with him, he would like to be considered as a man of faith but also a man of prayer. But, like I alluded to his character earlier, you would likely never hear him say it out loud. He is far too humble to have that high of an opinion of himself. His focus in all that he does is to lead the lost to Jesus and to please the Lord with his life.

One of the stories Joey shared with me the very first day I met him was about a time when he ran out of toothpaste. I know you are probably thinking that toothpaste couldn’t possibly have anything to do with faith but that’s where you would be wrong. If God can use toothpaste to strengthen one’s faith and bring glory to his holy name, he can use anything. Joey came upon a time when he was in bible college when he only had five dollars to his name. He was in his late twenties and was a full-time student with no job. This particular week found him squeezing the last particles of toothpaste out of the tube and like he does with everything in his life, he told the Lord that he really needed a tube of toothpaste. If I remember the story correctly, he prayed that morning and explained to the Lord that he really needed to use his last five dollars for gas so he wouldn’t be walking across campus in the rain all week but he really did need toothpaste. He put the gas in his tank and drove on to class. I am not sure but I believe this same scenario took place every morning for a full week. On this particular day when he was walking toward class, one of his classmates called his name from a few parking spaces down. He asked him to walk over to his car for a minute. When he got there, the boy gave him some suits or some kind of clothes he had gotten somewhere. Joey really needed them and was thrilled to have been given them. As he thanked the young man after putting the stuff in his car, the young man hollered and asked him to come back and said he had forgotten something. As Joey got closer the boy told him apologetically that he hoped he wouldn’t be offended with what else he was about to give him. He reached in the back of his car and brought out a bag and explained that his parents had to take this out of stock at their store because it was about to go out of date. As he handed Joey the bag, Joey saw that God had answered his prayer abundantly. The boy hadn’t given Joey a tube of toothpaste but an entire case. That was enough to last for at least a year. As Joey took his seat in class moments later he was still wiping tears. His professor asked him what had him so worked up and if he would like to share it with the class. With tears streaming from a heart overwhelmed with joy, he told his classmates how he had been praying for toothpaste and had run out that very morning and God had given him a whole case. That is only one of the stories that he shared as we sat in that burger joint with our hearts bubbling over at the thoughts of how sufficient God’s grace really is.

Another story he told was how he got into bible college to begin with. After much prayer, he had received his answer from God that he was supposed to attend bible college. He went to the admissions office and sat down for a meeting with an admissions counsellor. After pleasantries were exchanged, the man began asking the pertinent financial questions and breaking down the costs. He told Joey how much he needed to start classes and asked him how he would like to pay. Joey then explained that he didn’t have any money but felt led of the Lord to be a full-time student. The man typed in his computer after every answer Joey gave him. When asked how he was going to pay Joey simply responded that he didn’t know and was just following the Lord’s will. The man continued typing and asked if the church Joey pastored was going to pay for his schooling to which Joey replied that they weren’t. He then asked Joey if his parents were going to pay for his college to which Joey responded that he wasn’t even going to ask them because God would make a way. After several questions of this type the man continued typing and would stop and with a confused look mutter mostly to himself, “This can’t be right.” He would type and then mutter again that something wasn’t right. This happened a few times altogether and the man finally quit typing and looked at Joey and explained that he couldn’t understand how the numbers were possibly right. He then asked Joey if he could come up with fifty dollars for the first semester. That was for tuition, books, and all if I am not mistaken.

One more story is about the van that Joey now drives. His mom told him about a van that someone was selling and they were taking sealed bids up until a certain date. She suggested that he send in a bid to which he replied that there was no way he would possibly get it for what he would be able to bid. Finally the last day of bidding came and he told his mom that it wouldn’t do any good but to send in a bid for the number the Lord laid on his heart when he prayed about it. To make a long and wonderful story a little shorter, he had placed the winning bid. All of the bids were far below the Blue Book value and his was fifty dollars more than the second place bid.

From toothpaste to college enrollment, to a used mini van, if you seek God’s will for your life he will make a way. Joey taught me a valuable lesson about faith that makes a lot of sense. He said he tries to never pray for God to provide a way for him to come up with money to meet a need. He just asks God for what he needs. He prayed for toothpaste and God answered in abundance. He prayed about bible college and God provided an unheard of discount. He prayed and sent in a bid at the behest of his mother and bought a van. Evidently, a lot of times mother still know best. I know mine does.  That van is now an incredible asset to Joey’s mission work. Don’t ask God to make a way for you to be able to do something, just ask him to do it. After all, Jesus told his disciples in Matthew 6:32 “….for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.” Philippians 4:19 also says, “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”  Heaven is not bankrupt and never will be.  These three stories are just real life examples, from a friend of mine, of what faith can do. Have a blessed day in the Lord!!!